Video Tutorial for Moderating a Zoom Webinar

This tutorial video is for “Achieving Your Optimal Health” or “” team members who step in to moderate during the absence of the main moderator. Taking time to carefully review this video will make your moderation experience go more smoothly.

Included are technical insights and demonstrations on how to work Zoom, show a PowerPoint, let the presenter show the PowerPoint, pass the screen share between you and the presenter, record the webinar, capture the webinar recording and download it to your computer and finally get the webinar file to via Dropbox or other means. In addition there is guidance in the webinar process itself, opening statements, introducing the presenter and supporting the speaker to bring out their best talent during the webinar for a successful experience.

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David Smith created Las Vegas Area Trails in November of 2018 to document his wilderness adventures near Las Vegas Nevada. An avid trail runner, David spends one day each weak exploring new trails and wilderness areas.

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