Detailed Climbing Directions

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Cockscomb Fletcher Peak Circuit, Spring Mountains, Nevada

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Overview of Cockscomb / Fletcher Peak Circuit

Adventure coming Fall 2019. I anticipate the Cockscomb/Fletcher Peak Circuit will begin at the Trail Canyon Trailhead. From there I will run Hyw 157 downward to the Stanley B. Springs Trailhead, ascend to Cockscomb Peak, continue to Fletcher Peak, then return to the Trail Canyon Trailhead. I might at some point add Mummy Mt. and Lee Peak to this circuit. No promises.

There are 2 routes to Cockscomb Peak and Ridge. To descend onto the ridge from the North, take the Trail Canyon Trailhead in Charleston Village, Nevada. For directions to the trailhead, see the Mummy Mountain West page on this site. To ascend to Cockscomb Peak and Ridge from the South, take Hwy 157 to Charleston Village, pass Fletcher View Campground on your left, then park at a wide spot on the right side of Hwy 157. This trail ascends to Stanley B. Springs, and then to Cockscomb Peak and Ridge.

The Trail to Cockscomb / Fletcher Peak Circuit

From Trail Canyon Trailhead

After parking in the Trail Canyon Trailhead parking lot, head up Trail Canyon Trail. In about 2 miles you will arrive at the junction of the North Loop Trail. When going to Mummy Mountain, you took a left at this junction. When going to Fletcher Peak you continued straight at the junction. For Cockscomb Ridge and Peak, take a right at the junction. The trail is unmarked, but you’re on a ridge and it’s pretty obvious that you need to stay on that ridge because you’re faced with a drop-off to the right and to the left (more to come Fall 2019).

From Hwy 157 via Stanley B. Springs