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Content Generation Club and Mastermind for Health Professionals

Health Professionals: Do you have a valuable health message you’d like to share with the world?

You see other health professionals with consistent valuable blogs, social media posts, YouTube videos, a growing audience, name recognition.

You know you have the knowledge and skill…and a valuable message.

But here’s what keeps getting in the way:

  • How to get started?
  • What to say?
  • How to say it with impact?
  • Where to say it on…
    • Your website
    • Social media
    • YouTube
    • In networking and sales conversations
  • How to organize your content into your own unique branded system?
  • How to make the technology part easy?
  • How to find the accountability that will consistently keep you on track?
  • How to collaborate with other health professionals in all of the above to accelerate your learning and multiply your effectiveness?
  • How to do all of this in the most economical way while generating the greatest ROI and having incredible fun?
Content Generation Club and Mastermind for Health Professionals
Content Generation Club and Mastermind for Health Professionals

Solution: The Content Generation Club and Mastermind for Health Professionals

The answer is a powerful new approach to health profession marketing we call The Content Generation Club and Mastermind for Health Professionals.

The key to success: Collaborative Unified Thematic Content Marketing

It’s Thematic:

  • No more being driven by questions like: “What shall I say on my website?” “What shall I post on Facebook? “What shall I post on YouTube?” “What shall I say in my next upcoming presentation?”
  • Instead, you communicate consistently across all media by theme.

It’s Unified:

  • No more random, unconnected presentations that are continually driven by the thought of the moment.
  • Instead, you create a master plan and map that guides what you communicate over time so that your presentations are unified.
  • Many find that book they’ve been wanting to write emerging during this process.

It’s Collaborative:

  • No more marketing in the kind of isolation that can cause even the greatest plans to fizzle out.
  • Instead, you communicate consistently over time in the context of a collaborative team and mastermid of health professionals.
  • Your team will hold you accountable to following through with your plan to consistently communicate your message.

It’s Affordable:

  • No more hiring others to try and communicate your message. That’s expensive and not as effective!
  • Instead, YOU are communicating in your own voice, continually sharpening your communication skills and effectiveness.
  • This is both more affordable and more effective.

What’s Included and What’s the Value?

  • Your Peer Reviewed and Tested Sales Message

    Value: $250

  • Your Own Educational Videos Presented to a Live Audience

    Value: $500/video

  • Valuable Original Content to Consistently Post on Your Website, Social Media and YouTube

    Value: $250/article

  • Technical Help

    Value: $150/hr

  • Email Marketing Set Up and Help

    Value: $250

  • Regular Email Marketing Content

    Value: $50/eblast

  • Accountability System

    Value: Coaching groups run from $100 – $500 or more/month

  • Joint Venture Networking and Business Relationships

    Value: Even ineffective networking groups can run as much as $150/month

Total Value: $1700/month

Your Investment: $100/month (first 10 members to join)

For most health professionals, one new client will more than cover your investment in The Content Generation Club for Health Professionals. Our aim is to generate many new clients.

Content Generation Club for Health Professionals Value
Achieving Your Optimal Health Webinar Series with Top Las Vegas Health Professionals

How can we offer so much at such a minimal investment?

Our unique content generation system is streamlined to produce content across multiple media stemming from just one unique creative video. In addition, member participation in their content generation further reduces the cost of operation.

Sample a Webinar Series by a Health & Wellness Content Generation Club

See the webinar replays, view the blog articles and webinar marketing materials.

This is an ongoing club actively presenting a webinar every Wednesday evening from 7-8pm, so feel free to attend one or more sessions!


These make the team work for both you and the other members:

  1. You’re the Business Owner or Sales Rep.
  2. Commit to Initial 6 Months (to support your team).
  3. Announce Team Member’s Webinars to Your Contacts.
  4. Attend All Scheduled Webinars (typically weekly or bi-weekly).
  5. Actively follow through with assignments, supporting other members, suggesting additional members.
  6. Commit to your growth: Personal, leadership, presentation and marketing skills and business growth.

Call Now to Reserve Your Place In The Content Generation Club

Content Generation Club and Mastermind for Health Professionals
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Content Generation Club and Mastermind for Health Professionals
The Content Generation Club and Mastermind gathers individual health professionals into a collaborative team focused on supporting to generate unified thematic content marketing for accelerated business visibility and growth.
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