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Overview | Outer Circuit | Blue Diamond Hill, Nevada

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This is an outer circuit exploration of Blue Diamond Hill, located on the Southern end of Red Rock Canyon in Nevada.

Views from Blue Diamond Hill

Grand views from the high areas include Red Rock Canyon, Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Potosi Mountain, La Madre Mountain Wilderness/Keystone Thrust Cliffs, Calico Hills, Las Vegas Valley.

Trails on Blue Diamond Hill

There are a variety of multi-use trails including hiking, mountain biking, equestrian and 4WD. Since the trails are multi-use, they tend to have more gradual inclines. However, the network of trails on Blue Diamond Hill interconnect, crisscross and intertwine. In addition, it appears the trail system is somewhat dynamic and evolving over time. To make things even more interesting, the trails may or may not be marked. So, it may be difficult to define individual trails and loops on your first encounter.

Private Lands on Blue Diamond Hill

One additional complicating factor: The Southern region of Blue Diamond Hill is privately owned by a few companies: Maverick Helicopters; Gypsum Materials Resources LLC; Blue Diamond Hill Gypsum. Additional areas are privately owned. In fact, if you tried to access Blue Diamond Hill from just about any other area than the parking area outside the Cowboy Trail Rides operation, you’d likely be stopped by fences and signs.

Suggested First Time Strategy

For the reasons noted above, it may be a good first-time strategy to make a wide outer circuit of the trail system along with noting the private and public areas. Look around and get a big picture impression of the lay of the land. Then return to begin to systematically explore individual trails and loops in the trail system. I took the outer circuit in a clockwise direction initially because this led to the higher elevation perspective early on. 

Trails, or sections of trails included in this outer circuit are:

  • Bomb Voyage (section)
  • Muffin (section)
  • Outer Ridge (entire trail)
  • Litter Box (entire trail)
  • SARS (section)
  • Kibbles-N-Bits (entire trail)

Some trail names I’ve seen on maps include:

  • Bob Gnarly
  • Bomb Voyage
  • Bone Shaker
  • Bunny
  • Cat-in-the-Hat
  • Cave Canyon
  • Cowboy Cave
  • Echo Canyon
  • First Finger
  • Fossil Canyon
  • Kibbles-n-Bits
  • Litter Box
  • Muffin Rocks
  • Overlook Ridge
  • Radio Tower
  • Rock Garden
  • SARS
  • Second Finger
  • The Back Bowl
  • Three Amigos
  • Jeep Trail

Trailhead Directions | Outer Circuit | Blue Diamond Hill, Nevada

Take the Charleston exit off Hwy 215 in Las Vegas. Head up toward the mountains (Red Rock Canyon). You’ll pass Calico Basin and then the Red Rock Canyon entrance. Just a bit beyond that watch for the Cowboy Trail Rides on the left.

Park in the Fossil Canyon Trailhead area on the South (left)  side of Highway 159 outside the Cowboy Trail Rides operation.

Adventure Description | Outer Circuit | Blue Diamond Hill, Nevada

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