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Rainbow Mountain Wilderness Adventures | Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Nevada

North Peak, Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Nevada

These are among my first recorded videos on LasVegasAreaTrails.com, and this route one of my early favorites due to its wild nature and amazing views along the top of the Piedmont Ridge above the West side of Red Rock Park. I don’t know how I began referring to this peak as “Goat Peak”. The official name is “North Peak”. The summit is like the turret of a medieval European castle with amazing views in one direction of Red Rock Canyon and Calico Basin including the Calico Hills Keystone Thrust cliff area, La Madre Mountain, Turtlehead Peak, Damsel Peak, Bridge Mountain, Rainbow Mountain and Mt. Wilson. In the other direction one can see Griffith Peak and the Southern edge of the Mt. Charleston Wilderness. View this full adventure…

Pine Creek Canyon in Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Nevada

Pine Creek Canyon is the second to the last trailhead parking area on the Red Rock Park Scenic Loop Drive. This entire side of Red Rock Park is often overlooked by those who spent their time at the more popular Red Rock Park Visitor Center, the Calico Hills, Turtlehead Peak, upper viewpoint, Willow Springs and Ice Box Canyon. However, Pine Creek Canyon is definitely worth a day or two. It is more wild, untouched and the plant life more varied and abundant. And the creek with its wild picnic area is a beautiful quiet escape from the more crowded areas in Red Rock Park. In addition, a trip up the canyon reveals some rare spectacular scenery. More…

Juniper Peak in Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Nevada

If you’d like to experience the Rainbow Mountain Wilderness for the first time and get a feel of what it’s like to summit one of the mountains, Juniper Peak may be a great initial adventure. There are at least 3 routes up Juniper Peak facing Red Rock Park and potentially more around the far side of the peak. These are routes that should not require rock climbing gear. In the video on this page I explored Juniper Peak for the first time and took the chute/canyon on the right of the two canyons pictured in the video cover on this page. My time was limited to 4 hours on this day and most of the time was eaten up exploring potential routes to the summit from the base of Juniper Peak. However, I did manage to make it about 1/3 of the way to the summit and will return for further exploration!


Bridge Mountain in Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Nevada


Mt. Wilson in Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Nevada


Rainbow Mountain in Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Nevada


Historic Bonnie Springs in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

In mid-March of 2019, after about 45 years of operation, Bonnie Springs Ranch and it’s Old Nevada replica mining town, just West of Red Rock National Park, closed down. We feature Bonnie Springs Ranch here not because it is a hiking destination, but rather a long-time fixture in Red Rock Canyon. More…

Rainbow Mountain Wilderness Adventures, Nevada
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