Las Vegas Area Trails, Nevada

Turtlehead Peak in Red Rock National Conservation Area, Nevada

Turtlehead Peak is one of the most popular hikes in Red Rock Canyon, so if you don’t get to the trailhead at the Sandstone Quarry parking area by 7am on a Saturday or Sunday, you may risk having to park along the road and walk 1/4th mile or more to get to the trailhead. The best time to hike Turtlehead Peak is in the Fall, Winter or Spring, or as early as possible on a Summer morning to avoid high temperatures after 10am. Bring at least 2 quarts of water. The hike takes about 4 hours, allowing for some time to enjoy the summit. In terms of difficulty, it’s a cross between a hike and a climb with some brief boulder sections and a lot of scrambling on loose gravel. More…

White Rock Mountain Loop in Red Rock National Conservation Area, Nevada

White Rock Mountain Loop Trail in Red Rock National Conservation Area, Nevada is the ultimate trail for training and for a brief immersion in a rugged desert environment without spending too much time getting there. The surface is for the most part fairly smooth making it a great trail for trail running. There are sections with lots of twists and turns which build agility and create the feeling of driving down a curvy road in a fine sports car. There are places around the Willow Springs area where you’re wading through a rocky surface, but this only adds to building stability and flexibility on the trail. Fairly gradual but substantial ascents build strength. And you can easily double the 6.5 mile loop for a 13 mile half marathon, or run it 4 times for a full marathon! More…

Calico Hills Grand Loop in Red Rock National Conservation Area, Nevada

The Calico Hills form a boarder between lower Red Rock Canyon and lower Calico Basin in Nevada. These ancient sand dunes have been frozen into an artistic display of fantastic shapes, colors and designs. From a distance the Calico Hills are dwarfed by the larger surrounding formations. However looks are very deceiving as the closer you get these formations become huge with 30-40ft sheer drop-offs. They’re actually a great playground for those who like to weave around amidst their maze of formations seeking the summit with its incredible view of both Red Rock Canyon and Calico Basin. This adventure actually begins at Red Springs Desert Oasis in Calico Basin, but then circles around to include the Red Rock Park side of the Calico Hills. More…

Additional Red Rock National Conservation Area Overview Information

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