Red Rock National Park Overview, Nevada

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Note that some points of interest accessed from the Red Rock Park scenic drive are not actually in Red Rock Park. For example, the mountains on the West side of the park are in the Rainbow Mountain Wilderness. These include Bridge Mountain, Rainbow Mountain and Juniper Peak. View these in the Rainbow Mountain Wilderness section of this site. In addition, the cliffs at the back of Red Rock Park are actually in the La Madre Mountains Wilderness and can be viewed in that section of this site. This pretty much leaves Turtlehead Peak, the Calico Hills, White Rock Mountain and the Red Rock Park Scenic Drive for this section.

Red Rock Park Scenic Drive

About 13 Miles Round Trip

Calico Hills Red Rock Park

Wander, Climb, Choose Your Distance

Turtlehead Peak

4.94 mi / 4,306 > 6.285 ft

White Rock Mountain

6.28 mi. / 4,429 > 5,453ft

Lost Creek / Willow Springs

1.41 mi. / 4,476 > 4,596ft