Benefits of an Animated Video Logo Sting

  • Adds an eye-catching dynamic introduction to every video you post.
  • Showcases your brand logo at the beginning of each video.
  • Elevates the professionalism of all your videos.
  • Increases video views.
  • Increases video results.
  • Elevated brand recognition of your business.
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Challenges of Creating Multiple Videos

How Many Fancy, Expensive Videos Can You Produce?

For most businesses, the answer is “Not many”! That one expensive capabilities video is great, but it’s simply not cost-effective to produce every video that way. Therefore, after investing in that one expensive video, many businesses stop producing new videos. This results lost opportunity – lower internet visibility, lower website dynamic, lower number of website visits, shorter website visits, lower client conversions…

You Need Many Videos for Successful Video Marketing

If you want to increase your website visibility, views and results through video marketing, you’ll need to produce and post many videos. If you want that great dynamic a video brings to each page of your website, you’ll need many videos. 

Many Videos, Greater Quality – It’s Possible!

Unless you have a huge marketing budget, your “many videos” will likely be self-produced using a mobile phone. With an animated video logo sting at the beginning of your self-produced videos, every video looks more professional, gets more views and greater results. Producing many SEO videos does not need to mean greater investment of time and expense, or sacrificing video quality when your video opens with your own customized eye-popping animated logo sting! 

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What’s Included with Animated Video Logo Sting Production?

  •  Consultation: Up to 1 hour consultation to zero in on the value of the business brand you logo symbolizes. You’ll experience massive value from this consultation alone.
  • Logo Sting Template Research: There are literally thousands of logo sting templates out there. We’ll zero in on the few that are the best fit.
  • Logo Sting Audio Research: We’ll zero in on music that captures the feel and mode of your brand. You’re going to use your logo sting on every video. Don’t ruin it with cheap, cheesy, generic music!
  • Logo Sting Production: Producing great logo stings requires elaborate software. We have it and know how to use it!
  • Delivery of Your Logo Sting File: It will be in a format you can easily add to every business video. 
  • Delivery of the Logo Sting Template, Production File and Audio File:  You get all the operating files…the “keys to the kingdom”… we won’t hold you hostage, because we believe you’ll want to use us in the future.

Create a Hugely Awesome Animated Logo Sting for My Business!

Animated Video Logo Sting Production
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Animated Video Logo Sting Production
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We'll animate your business logo to make a quick grand professional introduction you can add at the beginning of all your videos. Your entire video will look more professional with this animated video logo sting introduction.
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