Death Valley National Park | Wilderness Windows Overview

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Why is Death Valley on Las Vegas Area Trails website? You can get to the center of Death Valley from Centennial Hills in Las Vegas in less than 2 hours! Yes, Furnace Creek Ranch via Hwy 95 North to Beatty, then to Furnace Creek is 2 hours or less by car! Let’s imagine a 5-hour round trip to and from your destination in Death Valley. This could leave you 8 hours or more of adventure at your destination in Death Valley! Long day, but well worth it! Hey, what else are you going to do in one day that will create such a life memory?

Death Valley in a Day

Quick Tour of Major Points of Interest
**A Few Trails, Some “Park and View” Areas**

West Death Valley

Telescope Peak
Rogers and Bennett Peaks

19 mi Roads, Trails (mostly), Wilderness
6800ft > 11,043ft **Mostly Excellent Trails**

Wildrose Peak

8.4 Miles RT, 6,800  > 9,064ft **Excellent Trail**

Wildrose Charcoal Kilns

6,800ft **View at Parking Area**

Aguereberry Point

Approx. 12 Miles RT
4,800 > 6,433ft **Unpaved Road 2WD When Freshly Graded**

Eureka Mine

Approx. 4 Miles RT
2-300ft Elevation Gain **Good Unpaved Road**

Skidoo Stamp Mill

18 Miles RT
5000 > 5700ft **Good Unpaved Road**

Mosaic Canyon

Approx. 2-4 Miles RT
Approx. 900 > 2,000ft **Good Canyon Trail**

Darwin Falls

2-Mile RT
approx. 2500 > 2700ft **Good Trail, Sketchy Near Falls**

Mesquite Dunes Sunrise

Approx. 1.5 Miles RT
100 – 200ft Elevation Gain **Wander Among the Dunes**

East Death Valley

Dante’s View to Mt. Perry

Approx. 8 Miles RT
5,575 > 5,738ft **Well Established Trail**

Tea House & Table Rock

Approx. 2-4 Miles Circuit
-190 > about 300ft **No Trails, Navigate Desert**

Golden Canyon to Zabriskie Point

Approx. 8 Miles Circuit
535 > about 834ft **Well Marked & Traveled Route**

Return of Lake Manly

Approx. 2 Miles RT
-180 > about -220ft **No Trails, Easy to Locate and Navigate**

Lower Fall Canyon

Approx. 6 Miles RT
2,460ft Elevation Gain **Rocky Canyon Wash Trail**

Keane Wonder Mine

Approx. 4 Miles RT
1,500ft Elevation Gain **Good Trail Almost All the Way**

Rhyolite Ghost Town

Approx. 1-2 Miles RT
100ft Elevation Gain **Wander Around the Town**

Titus Canyon Grand Loop by Mountain Bike

Approx. 66 Miles
7,000ft Elevation Gain
**1/2 Asphalt Rd, 1/2 Unpaved Rd**

Artists Drive Hidden Canyon Hikes

4 Hikes Approx. 6 Miles Total
**Elevation Gain 300ft | Ridge and Canyon Wash Trails**

Natural Bridge Canyon

Approx. 4 Miles RT
500ft Elevation Gain **Canyon Wash Route**

Twenty Mule Team Canyon

Approx. 4 Miles Loop
500ft Elevation Gain **Unpaved and Paved Roads**

Mushroom Rock

Roadside Stop North of Artist’s Drive on Badwater Road

Mesquite Grove

Stretches Over 8 Miles from South of Golden Canyon to North of Furnace Creek

Death Valley Crossing

16 Mile + RT | Desert Floor from Badwater to Hanaupah Canyon

South Death Valley

Sidewinder Canyon

8-10 Miles Based on Side Canyon Choices
**Elevation Gain  Approx. 800ft | Canyon Wash Trails**

Willow Canyon

Approx. 4 Miles Out and Back
500ft Elevation Gain **Canyon Wash Route**

Additional Projected Adventures

Choride Cliff
Sentinel Peak
Porter Peak
Trail Canyon
Johnson Canyon
Galena Canyon
Warm Spring Canyon
Goler Canyon
Pleasant Canyon
Cottonwood Canyon
Marble Canyon
Tule Canyon
Red Wall Canyon to Mt. Palmer
Phinney Canyon to Grapevine Peak and Wahguyhe Peak

Mustard Canyon
Saratoga Spring
Panamint Dunes
Natural Bridge Canyon to Dante’s View
Corkscrew Peak
Panamint City Ghost Town
Ballarat Ghost Town

Death Valley National Park Overview
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Death Valley National Park Overview
In this Death Valley Overview click on thumbnail images leading to various adventures in Death Valley National Park, California.
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