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DIY Wilderness Hiking Poles Instructions

DIY Wilderness Hiking Poles Instructions

What’s In My Desert Wilderness Backpack?

DIY Hiking Poles for Wilderness Adventures | Create Your Own

Learn how to create your own DIY hiking poles for wilderness adventures. These poles are far superior to even the finest collapsible hiking poles purchased at sporting goods stores.

What makes these DIY hiking poles superior?

  • They don’t collapse under the most extreme usage.
  • They are as lite as the finest purchased hiking poles.
  • They are as strong as steel.
  • The DIY hand grips give you a comfortable, firm bomb-proof grip.

Uses for these DIY hiking poles:

  • Use them like ski poles to harness your upper body strength and propel yourself up long inclines of up to 6000ft or more over long distances.
  • Use them to vault yourself over obstacles with ease.
  • Use them to rapidly lower yourself down over rocks while cushioning your knees, lower back and neck joints from the shock of rapid descent.
  • Use them to navigate those loose rocky avalanche slopes and cliff edges while maintaining firm stability over every imaginable wilderness terrain.

Durability and Environmental Sustainability of These DIY Hiking Poles:

These DIY hiking poles last about a year under the most extreme usage, after which you can discard them in the desert where you originally found them. Very “earth friendly”.

DIY Hiking Poles Look Like a Moses Staff:

I’ve been told they look a bit like a Moses Staff…but it’s only natural in that Moses used his staff to help give him stability through his desert wilderness wanderings.

Video Contains Full Instructions

Full instructions for making your own DIY hiking poles from start to finish are included in the video on this page.

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