Social Media Marketing Goal

The goal of Social Media marketing is to grow your business by widening your circle of social connections.

Social Media Marketing Services include:

  • Profile creation and optimization
  • Text and image post creation
  • Post distribution on major Social Media platforms
  • Automation
  • Engagement

Unique Nature of Social Media

Through Social Media you meet and connect with people who you may not otherwise encounter. Closed doors can open through Social Media. Otherwise impossible introductions are made through Social Media.

Social Media Marketing Services | Las Vegas Area Trails Marketing | Las Vegas, Nevada

What Makes Social Media Work?

Those who do not understand Social Media may believe all that is required for success is to plaster the Social Media platforms with posts advertising your product or entertaining people. Doing these things will produce unsatisfying results and here’s why.

Think about the last party or social function you attended. Remember how you tended to avoid those who confronted you with offers and opportunities and were only interested in what they had to say? Remember how, on the other hand, you wanted to hang around others who showed a genuine interest in you, carried on a healthy discussion, asked you questions, honestly wanted your opinion, treated you as valuable and important? Social Media is pretty much like that live social event you attended. Be that generous, empathetic person who genuinely cares about others while contributing something of interest and you’ll connect with and retain more friends on Social Media.

Social Media is About Growing
and Engaging  a Community

Social Media is Community-Building | Social Media Marketing Services | Las Vegas Area Trails Marketing | Las Vegas, Nevada

Profile Creation and Optimization

Your keyword optimized, fully complete profile is the first step toward growing your Social Media community. The keywords you use in your profile will determine who you attract. Consider the keywords carefully…beginning with the address of your profile, included in your bio and about page and in your posts. Be creative and professional.

Text and Image Post Creation

Ask questions. Questions create dialogue and conversation, capturing and holding attention. And attention translates into connection. Add images to your posts. Images increase attraction, attention, engagement and retention of what you have to say by a factor of 6X. Invite. A good mix is for some posts to be primarily informative, some primarily entertaining, some posing questions and some inviting (visit this web link; download this white paper, view this video…etc.).

Social Media Profile Creation | Social Media Marketing Services | Las Vegas Area Trails Marketing | Las Vegas, Nevada

Post Distribution and Automation

The name of the game is consistent distribution of posts. Create a strategy that you can consistently maintain. Social Media can be an all-consuming activity that ends up burning you out or taking you away from other important pursuits. Automation is your friend. There are tools that not only automate your Social Media activity, but also guide you to best practices. Many tools are current fads that will fail, and then you need to start over. Onboarding is time consuming. Go with the well-established tools.


Remember the social event mentioned above? Engagement and conversation is key both to your success at a social event and on a Social Media platform. Ask questions. Respond promptly to real messages you receive. There are many automated messages that look real. Don’t try to automate your conversation…and avoid fake automated conversation. You want to genuinely connect with other genuine people. As with a social event, you’ll know it’s genuine if the other person is as interested in what you have to say as you are interested in their comments. 

Connecting and Engaging on Social Media | Social Media Marketing Services | Las Vegas Area Trails Marketing | Las Vegas, Nevada

Help Me Create and Grow My Social Media Community

Social Media Marketing Services
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Social Media Marketing Services
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Social Media Marketing Services include profiles, text and image post creation, distributing on major Social Media platforms, automation. The goal is to grow your business!
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