Calico & Brownstone Basins, Nevada | Overview | Wilderness Windows

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(Mileage Below is Round Trip. Altitude and Mileage are Approximate)

Red Springs Desert Oasis

**1 mi Boardwalk Circuit**

Calico Hills Grand Staircase

Approx.  (2 mi. RT)  
**Wilderness, Sketchy Path, Class 3 Rock Climbing**

Lower Calico Hills Loop

5mi Loop Circles Lower Calico Hills.
*Fairly Good Trail, Sketchy in Places – Some Steep Rocky Stretches*

Upper Calico Hills Loop

**12+ Miles; Approx. 2,500ft Overall Elevation Gain; Trails + Pathless Wilderness**

Kraft Mountain Loop

**3.5 Miles, 3,710 – 4,299ft Elevation **

Kraft Mountain Gateway Canyon Loop

Approx .  (12 mi.) | 3,700-5,400ft Elevation
**Some Trail, Mostly Wilderness**

Ash Canyon to Calico Tanks

Approx.  (10 mi. RT)  
**Wilderness, Sketchy Unmarked Trails**

3-Basin Circuit Trails

Approx.  28 mi.  
**Good Trails/Sketchy Trails/Wilderness**

Pink Goblin Loop

**6-8 Miles, 3,710 – 4,400ft Elevation **

Calico Basin Daily Workout Trails

Distance & Elevation Vary Based on Trail Choices
**Great Trails! Hike, Run or Bike**

Brownstone Trail

Approx. 26mi RT | 3,600-6,400ft Elevation |  **Excellent Trail for
Hiking or Running!**

Gray Cap Ridge SE Summit

Approx. 10mi RT | 3,500-5,000ft Elevation |  **Good Unmarked Trails, Pathless Final Approach**

Gray Cap Ridge Brownstone Loop

**10-12 Miles, 3,710 – 5,400ft Elevation **

Gateway Peak

**Approx. 30 mi RT from Calico Basin, 3,600 – 6,530ft Elevation **

Damsel Peak

Damsel Peak North Summit

16 mi Start Sandstone Quarry Red Rock | 4370 > 6977ft
**Wilderness, No Trail**

Damsel Peak
Southeastern Slope

14 mi Start Kraft Mt. Trailhead Parking | 3800 > 6700ft
**Trails, Roads, Wilderness**

Damsel Peak South Approach

Approx 15 mi RT
**Trails, Roads, Wilderness, Some Class 3 Climbing**

(Adventure In Process)

Damsel Peak Loop

Approx 30 mi.; 3,600 – 6,530ft elevation;
**Trails, Roads, Wilderness, Some Class 3 Climbing**

Additional Projected Adventures

Gateway Canyon Trail

Gray Cap Peak

Gray Cap Ridgeline

Damsel Peak Summit: End to End

Kraft Mountain Summit

Calico Basin, Nevada | Overview Wilderness Windows
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Calico Basin, Nevada | Overview Wilderness Windows
Calico and Brownstone Basins sit just East of Red Rock Park in Nevada. There are numerous Jurassic Era Aztec colorful red and white rock hills in and around the basin which makes it a great place to explore, hike, run and climb.
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