Mummy Mountain West with Glenn and Shoshi Hall

Mummy Mountain West Trip July 6, 2020

David and Shoshi Ascending “The Horrifying Half”

Overview Mummy Mountain West with Glenn and Shoshi Hall

We’re fortunate today to have as our guests Glenn and Shoshi Hall, advanced sports therapists and instructors. Throughout this adventure Glenn and Shoshi will be offering their wisdom on preparing the body for and engaging in mountain adventure activity. The video on this page is packed with their sports conditioning and movement technique tips.

About Guests Glenn Hall and Shoshi Hall

We’re fortunate to have Glenn and Shoshi Hall as guests on this adventure. Glenn and Shoshi are highly advanced sports therapists and health coaches. They own the business, based in Las Vegas where Glenn performs advanced structural body therapy and Shoshi is an advanced Pilates instructor.

Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall is an advanced structural body and sports therapist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Glenn and Shoshi Hall are developing The SomaFlow Sports Therapy Method and launching their own sports therapy and fitness methodology school in Las Vegas to be unveiled in 2020/2021 and launched online. Their banner online self-paced body makeover health program is the Heal Body Makeover Program, to be released in mid-August of 2020. A great way to begin experiencing your own healthy body makeover now is to download Shoshi Halls Free 5-Day Get Up and Move Challenge designed to help you begin establishing the habits that will result in new strength, energy, movement and flexibility in just 5 days. Those who download and practice the Free 5-Day Get Up and Move Challenge will receive a generous discount off the retail price of the Heal Body Makeover Program.

Shoshi Hall, Master Movement Educator, Cirque De Sole Performance Trainer

Shoshi Hall has been working with human body performance for over four decades and is a master movement educator, specializing in SomaFlow structural body therapy healing, postural problems, rehabilitation, flexibility and core strength. She has trained Cirque De Sole performers at the Wynn Resort and Casino CEO in Las Vegas and traveled internationally teaching continuing education to Pilates instructors abroad.

Shoshi studied with the Martha Graham School in Israel and Alvin Ailey School in New York City and achieved certifications in rehabilitation and conditioning exercises using the advanced methodologies of Pilates, Gyrotonics, Chen Style Tai Chi, Yoga and structural body healing. Her goal is to awaken the body, mind & soul through the power of movement and erase physical and emotional trauma through SomaFlow healing, enabling a pain-free life.

Glenn and Shoshi’s Best Wisdom on Body Conditioning for Mountain Adventures

As we progress through the Mummy Fletcher Circuit adventure we will pause now and then to get Glenn and Shoshi’s best wisdom on how to prepare your body to accomplish the various challenges encountered along the way including avalanche slope ascent and descent, high altitude long distance endurance, ascent and descent on boulders and other challenges. See the video on this page.

Drive to South Climb Trailhead

See the directions on the Griffith Peak page.

Conditioning for the Adventure

The fact that Glenn and Shoshi Hall were able to summit 11,500ft Mummy Mountain is a testament to the success of the sports therapy and conditioning which is their business at They had no recent altitude conditioning and had not been over 2000 feet in elevation during the previous 6 weeks. In addition, they had not recently ascended avalanche slopes or navigated steep canyons. Yet their daily conditioning at home applying the principles of the Heal Body Makeover Program was sufficient not only to enable them to summit Mummy Mountain, but to do so with the ease that allowed them to enjoy the experience.

You can begin transforming your body with the Free 5-Day Get Up and Move Challenge and also receive a generous discount for the Heal Body Makeover Program when it is released in mid-August 2020.