What makes a wilderness adventure legendary?

  • For some, the legendary part represents human achievement in overcoming challenges. That’s okay, but not what we mean here by legendary.
  • For us, the word legendary refers to a wonderous, total immersion in the wilderness. The focus is not human achievement, but rather, the spectacular legendary wilderness!
  • So, for these legendary wilderness adventures, you will seldom if ever see the person. On the other hand, you’ll see and celebrate the wilderness!

Common Characteristics of These Legendary Wilderness Adventures

  • Total immersion in the wilderness for the greater part of a day.
  • Pathless route to and beyond multiple landmark high points.
  • Often, crossing from one major wilderness area to another through an artificial human boundary.

Click the Thumbnail Images Below to View Legendary Wilderness Adventures!

4-Peak Circuit Adventure

22 mi / Approx. 7,713 > 11,918ft
**Some Trail > Mostly Wilderness**

6-Peak Circuit Adventure

30 mi / Approx. 10,000ft Total Elevation Gain
**Some Trails, Some Wilderness**

(Includes Harris Mt., Griffith Peak, Charleston Peak, Lee Peak…still needs Mummy Mt., Fetcher Peak)

Lee Peak & Charleston Peaks Summit Circuit via Lee Canyon Mid Ridge

35 mi Circuit/ Approx. 8,000 > 11,920ft
**Some Trail, Some Wilderness**

Mummy Mountain Grand Crossing

18 mi RT/ Approx. 8,000 > 11,520ft
**Mostly Wilderness**

Gass Peak Grand Crossing

30-40 Miles, 5000ft Elevation Gain

Fletcher Canyon / Fletcher Peak / Cockscomb Ridge Circuit Adventure

15 mi | 12 hours | 3,000ft Altitude Gain
**Half Trails, Half Wilderness**

Fletcher Canyon Trailhead / Harris Mt / Griffith Peak Circuit

Approx. 15-Mile Loop | 7,000 – 11,060ft 
**Half Trails, Half Wilderness**

Harris Mountain Triangle

Approx. 5-6 mi | 7,000 – 10,014ft 
**Some Trails, Mostly Wilderness**

3-Basin Circuit Trails

Approx.  28 mi.  
**Good Trails/Sketchy Trails/Wilderness**

Glenn M’s Legendary Adventures

Glenn M. is a regular viewer of LasVegasAreaTrails YouTube channel. He’s a wilderness explorer very much in the spirit of LasVegasAreaTrails.com. Glenn records his adventures using the Relive app  which traces his adventure route on video.

La Madre Mts. Southern
Notch Passage – Glenn

13 mi | 7hr, 22min | 6788ft Altitude Gain/Loss
**Mostly Wilderness**

Glenn’s Lovell Legendary Loop

16.4 mi | 13hr, 20min | 17,352ft Altitude Gain/Loss
**Mostly Wilderness**

Glenn: Rainbow Mountains Upper Crest Ridgeline in One Day

17 mi | 11hr, 20min | 3,000ft Elevation Gain; Overall Elevation Gain: 6,000ft+
**Some Good Trails; Some Faint Trails; Some Pathless Wilderness**

Rainbow Mts. Grand Crossing Over Mt. Wilson – Glenn

10.5 mi | 6hr, 29min | Gain 2,000ft, Loss 3,500ft
**Mostly Wilderness**

Future Legendary Wilderness Adventures

When you have accomplished one of these or a similar Las Vegas Area Legendary Wilderness Adventure…

Submit your adventure description, video and images to DavidSmith@LasVegasAreaTrails.com 

If your adventure meets the above criteria for a Las Vegas Area Wilderness Adventure, we’d be overjoyed to feature it!

Note: Your content needs to be unique…not a copy of content featured elsewhere on the web.

Six-Peak Summit Circuit: Harris Mt; Griffith Peak; Charleston Peak; Lee Peak; Mummy Mt; Fletcher Peak

Rainbow Mountains Upper Crest Ridgeline End to End (Highway 16o to Willow Spring in Red Rock Canyon)

Kyle Canyon Over El Bastardo to Willow Spring in Red Rock Canyon

Up Wilson Ridge to Harris Mt.; Cross Over to Griffith Peak; Descend Sexton Ridge. Start & End Point: Lovell Canyon Campground Area

La Madre Mountains Cliffs from Willow Spring Area in Red Rock Canyon to El Padre, Then Damsel Peak, Descend to Calico Basin Kraft Mountain Area

Willow Spring in Red Rock Canyon to Griffith Peak

Lee Canyon to Pahrump


Valley of Fire State Park Perimeter

Death Valley Grand Crossing from Telescope Peak to Dante’s View

Fossil Ridge from West End at Mormon Well Road to East End at Las Vegas Range

Sheep Range Grand Crossing from Cow Camp Road, Over Sheep Peak and Hayford Peak, Then Down to Pine Nut Road.

Sheep Range North to South

Gass Peak West to East

Arizona’s Black Mountains North to South

Old Arrowhead Road from Valley of Fire to Salt Lake City (multi-day adventure)

Las Vegas Area Legendary Wilderness Adventures, Nevada
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Las Vegas Area Legendary Wilderness Adventures, Nevada
The word "legendary" refers to a wonderous, total immersion in the wilderness. The focus is not human achievement, but rather, the spectacular legendary wilderness!
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