Mt. Charleston Wilderness Overview

Wilderness Windows | Lee Canyon Trails

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(Mileage Below is Round Trip. Altitude and Mileage are Approximate)

Lee Peak from Kyle Canyon

12 mi / Approx. 7,713 > 11,289ft **Excellent Trail**

Bristlecone Pine Trail

6.8 mi / Approx. 8,690 > 9,400ft **Excellent Trail**

Foxtail Canyon Springs

5 mi / Approx. 8,450 > 9,800ft **Faint Trail**

McFarland Peak Base from Sawmill Trailhead

12 mi RT/ Approx. 7,591 > 9,235ft **Good Trail**

McFarland Peak Base via Bristlecone Pine and Bonanza Trails

15 mi RT/ Approx. 8,690 > 9,600ft **Excellent Trail**

Mummy Mountain Summit from Lee Canyon

10 mi RT/ Approx. 8,000 > 11,535ft **Mostly Wilderness**

Bonanza Peak from Lee Canyon via Bonanza Trail

26+ mi RT/ Approx. 8,483 > 10,397ft **Excellent Trails**