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Webinar Series Schedule

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June 12, 2019: Series Intro – How to Identify and Move Toward Your Optimal Health
June 19: Inflammation, the rise of chronic conditions and DNA is not your destiny.
Dr. Denise Tropea
June 26: What does your posture say about your physical health? Gus Vargas
July 10: What is Your Optimal Diet? Dr. Angela Carlson
July 17: Motivating Yourself All the Way to Your Optimal Health Goal. David Smith
July 24: Energy Medicine/Energy Healing – Debugging and Upgrading the Human Software. Holly McClenahan
July 31: Overcoming the Impact of Untreated Childhood Trauma Through Hypnotherapy. Loya Riggan
August 7: Affording Medical Care Along the Way to Achieving Your Health Goals. Sheri Martin
August 14: Alternative Ways to Deal with Chronic Pain – Dr. Denise Tropea
August 21: Fascia: What Role Does it Play in Your Health? – Gus Vargas
August 28: Leading Yourself on Your Personal Health Journey. Annie Emprima-Martin, MHsM, CSLC
Sept. 4: Staying Power: The Art of Listening to Your Body. David Smith
Sept 11: Which Lab Tests Are Essential for Optimal Health? – Dr. Angela Carlson

Sept 18: Permanently Transform Your Weight by Identifying & Eliminating Subconscious Obstacles. Loya Riggan
Sept 25: Muscle Checking Allergies: A BioResonence Approach Holly McClenahan, RN, CTH, HSE, TRS
Oct 2: The Path to Brain Trauma Recovery Scotty Babb, Certified Health & Life Coach
Oct 9: Open Forum – Key Insight from Top Las Vegas Health Professionals – Our Webinar Presentation Team
Oct 23: Quantum Healing Hypnosis – Step Into Your True Inner Power – Annie Emprima-Martin, MHsM, CSLC
Nov 6: DNA-Guided Custom Nutrition – Michele Ciancimino, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Nov 20: Friendship: The Armor That Protects Us – Annie Emprima-Martin, MHsM, CSLC
Dec 11: How Customized Practice Enhances Yoga’s Self-Healing Properties – Dr. Denise Tropea
Jan 8: The Eternity Diet: A New Diet for a Non-Disposable Body – David Smith
Jan 22: Common Health Issues and Natural Solutions – Our Webinar Presentation Team
Feb 5: Common Health Issues and Natural Solutions – Part 2 – Our Webinar Presentation Team
Feb 19: Boosting the Miracle of Microcirculation – Dr. Denise Tropea

March 4: Open Forum – Protecting Your Health Against the Corona Virus – Our Webinar Presentation Team
March 18: Emotion Code: How to Remove Trapped Emotional Baggage – Rosemary Fajardo
April 1: Work from Home, Keep Sanity, Increase Fitness, Boost Immunity – David Smith
April 15: Exercise for Physical and Mental Health – Marianne Blackham, Owner of Blackham Fitness
May 6: Overcoming the Impact of Fear – Holly McClenahan, RN, CTH, HSE, TRS
May 20: Money As a Reflection of Our Emotions – Annie Emprima-Martin, MHsM, CSLC
June 3: The Age of Quantum- Neuro Feedback in Quantum Energy – Dr. Denise Tropea
June 17: The Value and Strategy of Detox – Michele Ciancimino, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
July 1: Anger Management –Why Are You So Angry? – Dr. Vicki Coleman, PhD, The Anger Doctor
July 15: Open Forum – Change Your Brain, Change Your Life! – Our Webinar Presentation Team
August 5: The Science of Immunity – Dr. Janet Franco PhD and Dr. Denise Tropea DPM
August 19: Top 5 Tools to Reduce Stress and Anxiety – Dianna Whitley, Hypnotherapist
Sept 2: Longevity: Chance or Choice? – Glenn and Shoshi Hall of
Sept 16: How to Set and Maintain Healthy Boundaries – Glen Alex, LCSW, Author of Living in Total Health
Oct 1: The Disinfection Dilemma How to Select, Safely and Effectively Use Hand Sanitizers, Antimicrobial Soaps and Antiseptics – Dr. Denise Tropea, DPM

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