Uncommon Flood Waters in Las Vegas, Nevada

Experience a flash flood streaming through an otherwise hot, bone-dry abandoned golf course in the Centennial Hills community of Northwest Las Vegas, Nevada.

Instant Riverfront Properties Created in Las Vegas

Water was flowing so rapidly that it was possible to name various rapids created by this deluge! Homes along the flood route instantly, for the moment, became riverfront properties at a fraction of the price!

Warning Dogs Sound the Alarm!

Numerous barking dogs sounded their warning as I approached the raging torrent, becoming more desperate to save my life the closer I got to the flood waters!

Flash Flood in Northwest Las Vegas, Nevada
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Flash Flood in Northwest Las Vegas, Nevada
See the streaming river with cascading rapids created by a flash flood in Northwest Las Vegas, Nevada. Watch desert homes become waterfront properties! The torrent was dramatic enough to name the separate rapids and other features normally associated with a wild raging river!
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