“The difference between the ‘right’ word and the ‘almost right’ word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.”
– Mark Twain

A Fresh, New Business Message Can Make a Huge Difference

Have you ever struggled to turn a key that has been jammed in a lock? Then someone new comes along and instantly, magically turns the key! The words we use to describe our own business can also become jammed. We’re so close, so deeply involved, there’s so much “noise” in our heads…and that can all create a separation between us and our market audience.

A fresh, new business message may not only resonate more clearly to your listeners, but also inspire you with a new understanding of the value and possibilities your business offers.

There is nothing in the universe more powerful than the force of an idea.

New words spark new ideas that can transform the entire nature of your business.

We’ll Take a Fresh, New Outside Look at Your Business, Then Tell Your Amazing Story in a Powerfully New Way

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A Keyword Optimized Message is Even Better!

Keyword optimization is the sum of three vital factors: Keyword selection, keyword agreement and keyword relevance. When I write or edit the content of a web page, my aim is to nail all three factors.

Keyword Selection

Before creating any page on your website, conduct research to identify the keywords that your audience is actually searching. You want to select keywords that have the highest number of searches in the last 30 days and the lowest degree of competition. The keywords must also fit the subject of your page.

Keyword Agreement

Internet search engines like Google check every page for keyword agreement. To pass the keyword agreement test, the keywords both on the visible page and in the code behind the page must match. This means that you not only need to place keywords in the background code, but those same keywords must appear in key places in the visible text of the page.

Placing keywords in the visible text is an art form, because you want to please two audiences: The search engines and your readers. So the keywords need to be on the page to please the search engines, but not in a clunky contrived way that annoys the readers.

Keyword Relevance

Keyword Relevance means that your keywords are relevant to the focus of your website. If your website is about dog training, you need to consistently focus on dogs and dog training throughout your website. If you take a tangent into cooking or childhood education or construction or any other non-dog subject, that will kill your keyword relevance and lower your standing in the search engines. 




Keyword Optimized Copywriting, Content Marketing Services | Las Vegas Area Trails Marketing | Las Vegas, Nevada

Witness a Transformation of the Message on Your:

  • Business website
  • Blog articles
  • Social Media posts
  • Email broadcasts
  • Video scripts
  • Your elevator speech
  • Sales pitch

New words and ideas open significant new possibilities that have far-reaching effects beyond the page where they appear!

We’ll help you find and use the right words in the right places to accelerate business development.

Lightning Words
Create Lightning Results!

Copywriting, Content Marketing Services | Las Vegas Area Trails Marketing | Las Vegas, Nevada

Help Us Speak with Lightning Words!

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