Eureka Mine | Harrisburg (Aguereberry Camp) | Cashier Mill | Death Valley, California

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Overview – Eureka Mine | Harrisburg (Aguereberry Camp) | Cashier Mill, Death Valley, California

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Eureka Mine History

Eureka Mine and its supporting mining town, Harrisburg (Aguereberry Camp) and Cashier Mill were founded by Pete Aguereberry and Shorty Harris in 1905. “Pete” Jean Pierre Aguereberry, born in 1874 to a Basque family in France, had a childhood dream of discovering gold in California. In pursuit of that dream he sailed to America in 1902 and made it to Death Valley in 1905.

Shorty Harris was the famous colorful prospector who, in 1904, discovered the Bullfrog mine which gave rise to the town of Rhyolite on the East side of Death Valley near Beatty. In 1905 he discovered gold in the Panamint Range on the West side of Death Valley along with Pete Aguereberry, establishing the Eureka Mine. Pete and Shorty established the mining camp town of Harrisburg where they managed an operation involving 300 men extracting gold valued at as much as $500 per ton.

Cashier Mill, built in 1909, utilized gas power to extract gold from the ore hauled from Eureka Mine, first pulverizing the ore, then using mercury and cyanide to extract the gold. Gold from the Eureka Mine sustained Pete Aguereberry for 40 years. Historians estimate that Aguereberry extracted about $175,000 worth of gold (then valued at $20 per ounce) from Providence Ridge until his health began to fail in the early 1930’s. Pete Aguereberry died on Nov 23, 1945.

Pete’s original cabin, built in 1907, still stands at Aguereberry Camp. There are a group of 3 cabins: The cabin on the right was Pete’s cabin, the middle cabin a guest cabin and the cabin on the left was of unknown use. Pete’s cabins are near the now sealed off Eureka Mine. You can still see ore cart tracks running into the mine.

Additional points of interest in the Panamint Mountain Range:

Directions – Eureka Mine | Harrisburg (Aguereberry Camp) | Cashier Mill, Death Valley, California

From Las Vegas take Hwy 190 through Pahrump. Continue on 190 through Death Valley. Pass Furnace Creek and Stovepipe Wells. Turn left at Emigrant Campground onto Emigrant Canyon Road. In 11.8 miles you’ll see a well marked sign indicating a left turn onto an unpaved road to Aguereberry Point. In less than 2 miles you will reach an unmarked fork in the road. The right fork leads to Eureka Mine, Cashier Mill and Harrisburg (Aguereberry Camp). The left fork continues for another 4-5 miles to Aguereberry Point. It’s a washboard road, so prepare to be shaken up. The last quarter mile to the Aguereberry Point parking area is pretty rugged, even for a 4WD vehicle. Take the trail to the north of the rock outcrop at the parking area for the most expansive view. Pete called it “The Great View”.

Observations – Eureka Mine | Harrisburg (Aguereberry Camp) | Cashier Mill, Death Valley, California