Webinar Hosting, Production and Marketing 

Get the Support You Need to Run a Successful Webinar

A professional webinar administrator and host will help you before, during and following your webinar.

Before the Webinar

Focus on preparing your valuable content and prepping and coordinating your guest presenters and hosts rather then on how to:

  • Understand the webinar settings and dashboard, which are similar in complexity to the control panel of an aircraft!
  • Attract an audience.
  • Ensure guests have the proper credentials to successfully log on.
  • See that guest hosts are prepared to sign on as guest hosts, deliver their presentations, use the webinar tools they need for a successful presentation or dialogue.

During the Webinar

Focus on delivering your message or conducting interviews rather than on how to:

  • Help people sign on
  • Help presenters share their screen
  • Help presenters and attendees speak and be heard when there are audio problems
  • Mute intrusive sounds
  • Tune into the chat feature to catch important audience feedback or tech issues
  • Record the webinar and save the recording
  • Overcome internet connectivity issues

When it comes to webinars, everyone is now an expert. So, an additional problem is smoothly running your webinar when two or more experts pose different solutions to tech issues while your webinar is in progress!

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Following the Webinar

Focus on mining the new information and contacts gleaned during the webinar rather than on how to:

  • Capture, preserve and format the webinar recording for audience consumption and product creation
  • Locate and download the contact information of attendees
  • Find out how to determine who attended and how long they were present (important where you need to award attendees credits earned for their attendance)
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A well planned and executed webinar can create a gold mine of valuable content for internet visibility, marketing and information product production!

Use webinar content for internet visibility and marketing:

  • Blog Articles 
  • YouTube videos 
  • Opt-in magnets to grow your email marketing list

Use webinar content to create and sell information product:

  • Online learning tutorials 
  • Ebooks and Kindle Books 
  • Membership website content

Your webinar can be a huge step forward in gathering a collaborative team:

  • New business referral partners.
  • New joint venture partners. 


Webinar Hosting, Production and Marketing

What’s Included?

Before the Webinar:

  • Consultation session on your webinar goals
  • Strategic insights on webinar theme and approach
  • Tips for recruiting and preparing presenters
  • Help growing your audience
  • Help registering and preparing audience members for a satisfying webinar experience

During the Webinar:

  • Technical support
  • Handling presenter sign-on and screen sharing issues
  • Handling audience sign-on issues
  • Troubleshooting tech issues such as internet connectivity, audio and visual glitches which can happen on both presenter and audience computers. Think about it: 50 participants = 50 computers that can experience tech issues!
  • Troubleshooting audio issues caused by presenters and audience that can interfere with the webinar.
  • Seeing that the full recording is captured.
  • Creating and managing multiple rooms for small group interaction

Following the Webinar: 

  • Preserving and formatting the webinar recording for optimal use.
  • Guidance on creating an effective webinar follow-up plan to maximize the results.

Receive the help you need to mine all the gold that is created by your webinar!

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Get Help Creating a Successful Webinar and Mining the Results!

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Learn how a professional webinar administrator and host will help you before, during and following your webinar, creating a gold mine of valuable content and connections for future business development.
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