Aguereberry Point | Death Valley, California

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Overview – Aguereberry Point, Death Valley, California

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At 6,433ft elevation Aguereberry Point sits on the West side of Death Valley in the Panamint Mountain Range. It’s nearly opposite to the more popular 5,575ft Dante’s View on the East side of Death Valley in the Funeral Mountains above Badwater.

Best Time to Visit Aguereberry Point

The best time of day to visit an overlook of Death Valley (or most any natural area) is when the sun is rising or setting in the horizon BEHIND you and lighting up the valley, bringing all points into sharp, colorful perspective. So, visit Dante’s view at sunrise and Aguereberry Point at sunset. The best time of year to visit is in the Fall or Spring. Winter can get quite chilly and Summer very hot.

History of Aguereberry Point

Aguereberry Point is named for Jean Pierre “Pete” Aguereberry, born in 1874 into a Basque family in France. In 1890 Pete began to pursue his childhood dream of discovering gold in California by sailing to America. In 1902 he made it to Goldfield Nevada about 30 miles South of Tonopah. Pete traveled to the Death Valley area in 1905 where, along with Shorty Harris, he established the town of Harrisburg (Aguereberry Camp), the Cashier Mill and Eureka Mine. He lived in a cabin which still stands in the area until his death in 1945.

Pete would take guests to a place he called “The Great View”, which was Aguereberry Point 4-5 miles beyond Harrisburg.

Learn more about Harrisburg (Aguereberry Camp), the Cashier Mill and Eureka Mine.

Additional points of interest in the Panamint Mountain Range:

Directions – Aguereberry Point, Death Valley, California

From Las Vegas take Hwy 190 through Pahrump. Continue on 190 through Death Valley. Pass Furnace Creek and Stovepipe Wells. Turn left at Emigrant Campground onto Emigrant Canyon Road. In 11.8 miles you’ll see a well marked sign indicating a left turn onto an unpaved road to Aguereberry Point. In less than 2 miles you will reach an unmarked fork in the road. The right fork leads to Eureka Mine, Cashier Mill and Harrisburg (Aguereberry Camp). The left fork continues for another 4-5 miles to Aguereberry Point. It’s a washboard road, so prepare to be shaken up. The last quarter mile to the Aguereberry Point parking area is pretty rugged, even for a 4WD vehicle. Take the trail to the north of the rock outcrop at the parking area for the most expansive view. Pete called it “The Great View”.

Aguereberry Point, Death Valley, California

Adventure to occur Fall of 2021!