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Family Hike at Red Springs Desert Oasis in Calico Basin, Nevada

Red Springs Desert Oasis Overview

Red Springs Desert Oasis at the base of the Calico Hills in Calico Basin, Nevada, is an amazing hike nearly everyone can enjoy. The amazing part is the lush, spring-fed vegetation in the midst of a surrounding desert. There’s a half-mile board walk, wheel-chair accessible, that brings the entire oasis within easy reach. Both the elderly and families with toddlers can easily enjoy this desert oasis experience. If you’re a serious walker, the boardwalk makes a great alternative to walking on boring asphalt neighborhood roads. You could do laps and extend your walk for a few miles. Red Springs Desert Oasis makes for a great starting point for additional adventures in the Calico Basin and Red Rock Park. At the base of the beautiful painted Calico Hills there’s a view that extends for miles across the desert. You’re also at the unmarked trailheads for The Grand Staircase of Calico Hills and the Grand Loop (see the videos and slide show at the top of this page). A mile up the road there’s a trailhead for Turtlehead Peak (The trailhead in link is actually the Sandstone Quary Trailhead from Red Rock Park, but the destination of Turtlehead Peak is the same) and additional adventures up Calico Basin including the Tanks (water reservoir pond), Damsel Peak and La Madre Mountain.

Driving Directions to Red Springs Desert Oasis

Take the Charleston Blvd exit off I-215 and turn towards the mountains. Charleston Blvd turns into Blue Diamond Road in about a mile at the end of the residential area. Continue another few miles up Blue Diamond Rd and take the Calico Basin exit on the right (about a mile before the BLM Red Rock Park exit. Continue on Calico Basin Rd for about 1/2 mile and turn left into the well developed Red Springs Desert Oasis parking and picnic area. Note: If you’re going on an extended hike, they close the gate locking all remaining cars in at 8:00pm, so in that case park outside the gate.

Red Springs Desert Oasis Boardwalk

The well-developed Red Springs Desert Oasis Boardwalk begins at the picnic area.

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