El Padre Mountain, La Madre Mountains Wilderness

Overview of El Padre Mountain, La Madre Mountains Wilderness, Nevada

View from El Padre Mountain Summit

El Padre Mountain is located in the La Madre Mountains Wilderness of Nevada and is the closest Western neighbor to La Madre Mountain. The summit is about 8,000ft, similar to the summit of La Madre Mountain. Both mountains make up the section of the Keystone Thrust at the rear (North end) of Red Rock National Park and Calico Basin in Nevada. From the summit of El Padre Mountain there are spectacular views of Red Rock Park, Calico Basin, Damsel Peak, Bridge Mountain, Juniper Peak, Rainbow Mountain, Mt. Wilson, Gass Peak, the Sheep Range, the Mt. Charleston Wilderness, Frenchman Mountain, Lake Mead National Recreation Area and, of course, La Madre Mountain and most of the Las Vegas Valley. The 6,200ft Turtlehead Peak summit is nearly 2000ft directly below and a little to the South. There are many more landmarks visible but to name them all would be to name most of the landmarks in Southern Nevada!

Summary of Area Summits

La Madre Mountain: 8154ft

El Padre Mountain: 8093ft

Burnt Peak: 7900ft

El Bastardo: 7986ft

Trailhead Directions for El Padre Mountain, La Madre Mountains Wilderness, Nevada

Begin at the intersection of Kyle Canyon Road and Harris Springs Road. There is a parking area on the right side of Kyle Canyon Road just about 100 yards beyond where it intersects with Harris Springs Road. Head 3-4 miles up Harris Springs Road to where it intersects a 4wd road 3-4 miles North of the base of La Madre and El Padre Mountains. At the upper end of the 4WD road there is a turn-around loop. There is no marked trailhead, but your adventure begins here.

Route Observations for El Padre Mountain, La Madre Mountains Wilderness, Nevada

Adventure to occur Fall or Spring of 2021!