Death Valley National Park 7-Day Guide Book

247 Action-Packed Pages!

This is the fourth in a series of 7-day guide books. Our goal is to create a 7-day guide book for every wilderness area within 150 miles of Las Vegas.

Experience this wilderness area through 7 adventures designed to move you from an introductory level knowledge and ability to a more advanced level.

Each adventure builds upon the previous adventure and moves you toward the next by gradual degrees.

Once you’ve completed the 7th adventure, continue to grow your skill and knowledge by moving onto the many additional adventures in this wilderness area, fully documented on

Locate the entire series here.

From Hiking to Climbing to Camping
to Wilderness Navigation and More!

Visit the most popular sites in Death Valley National Park. These famous sites attract travelers world-wide!

  • Seemingly endless salt flats, some with pillars of salt
  • Winding canyons, some with polished marble walls and hills with multi-colored minerals
  • Exposed geology from the formation of the earth
  • Mountain ranges that span climate zones from low desert to alpine
  • The tallest sand dunes in North America
  • Night skies so clear you can see the moons circling Jupiter
  • Rocks that move across mud flats when nobody is looking, leaving only their tracks
  • Prehistoric fish found living in water six times saltier than the ocean
  • Sandblasted rock sculptures
  • Volcanic craters
  • Abandoned mines
  • Ghost Towns

And this is just a short list!

Then, explore beyond the most popular sites to discover spectacular back country that few people experience!

The 7-Day Guide format will take you by degrees from a beginner experiencing light adventures to an advanced wilderness explorer!

Much more than a book – it’s a multi-media experience:

  • Descriptions of the destinations you will want to visit in Death Valley National Park
  • Vivid images
  • Maps
  • Videos
  • Experience this wilderness virtually, even if you’re unable to be physically present.

This book, along with its companion website and video channel could be referred to as The Life Magazine of Wilderness Books.

Systematically organized so that you won’t miss a thing!

  • Easy to follow directions
  • No wasted time trying to locate your next destination
  • Each adventure builds upon the last

Take it with you as you explore!

Download the .pdf formatted document onto your mobile device and take it with you as you immerse yourself in this world-famous, incredible wilderness area!

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Table of Contents

Contents Part 1 | Death Valley National Park 7-Day Guide Book | Las Vegas Area Trails
Contents Part 2 | Death Valley National Park 7-Day Guide Book | Las Vegas Area Trails
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