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Fletcher Canyon Trailhead to Harris Mountain Summit | Mt Charleston Wilderness, Nevada

Overview – Fletcher Canyon Trailhead to Harris Mountain Summit | Mt Charleston Wilderness, Nevada

Ascend from Fletcher Canyon Trailhead to Harris Mountain’s wild, relatively untouched summit. The approach ridge just West of the Fletcher Canyon Trailhead is even more wild and remote. 

Harris Mountain as a Wild, Relatively Untouched Summit

Harris Mountain is the most rarely visited summit of the highest mountains towering above Kyle Canyon: Charleston Peak, Griffith Peak, Fletcher Peak, Mummy Mountain, Lee Peak and Harris Mountain. The reason for the isolation of Harris Mountain is the remoteness of trailhead access. There is no trailhead in the popular Kyle Canyon area. The only trailhead to Harris Mountain summit is tucked away up on the 4WD Harris Mountain Road.

So, unlike the somewhat trampled summits of the other mountains, Harris Mountain’s summit is wild and literally buzzing with life. I have regularly seen swarms of ladybugs using this summit as part of their migratory path along with the rare Acastus and Mount Charleston Blue Butterfly, found only in the Spring Mountains and nowhere else on earth.

If you ever summit Harris Mountain, tread lightly in this wild, delicate ecosystem. 

Harris Mountain Approach Ridge: Even More Wild and Untouched

The approach ridge is even more remote. There is the feeling of being the only person to ever stand in that place.

The entire area is experiencing a renewal following an earlier burn. Many of the larger plants: Pines, Mountain Mahogany were leveled, but are starting to return. Wildflowers are in abundance all the way up the ridgeline and on Harris Mountain summit.

Spectacular Mountaintop Views All the Way to Harris Mountain Summit

And, the views in this wide open area are spectacular, offering a unique perspective of the high peaks and ridges in The Mt. Charleston Wilderness along with expansive views up and down the length of Kyle Canyon and beyond to