Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Nevada – Overview
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(Mileage Below is Round Trip. Altitude and Mileage are Approximate)

Rainbow Mountains Upper Crest Ridgeline (North > South)

Willow Spring to Buffalo Wall

5 mi RT/ 4,500ft  > 6,800ft
Some Trails, Mostly Wilderness
(In Process)

Buffalo Wall to North Peak

17 mi/ 4500 > 7003ft
Some Trails, Some Wilderness

North Peak to Juniper Peak

20 mi/ 6800 > 7003ft
Some Trails, Some Wilderness

Mt. Wilson to Juniper Peak

Approx. 10 mi Circuit/ 5,400ft > 6,800ft
Paved/Unpaved Roads, Trails, Wilderness

Mid Ridgeline Access at Mt Wilson

Approx. 8 mi RT/ 5,085ft > 6,800ft
Unpaved Roads, Trails, Wilderness

Mt. Wilson Summit Saddle

Approx. 15-18 mi RT/ 5,200ft > 6,600ft
Wilderness Route

Mt. Wilson to Hidden Peak

15-18 mi/ 5,000 > 7,000ft
Mostly Wilderness, No Trails

Little Zion

10-12 miles RT/ 4,600 > 6,400ft
Mostly Wilderness +  Unmarked Paths

Hidden Peak to Hwy 160

12 mi/ 5,900 > 7,000ft (approx.)
Some Trails, Some Wilderness

Rainbow Mountains Eastern Baseline Trails

Arnight Trail

1.2 mi/ 3,850 > 4,100ft
Excellent Trail

Knoll Trail

1.9 mi/ Approx. 4,050 > 4,100ft 
Excellent Trail

Dales Trail

2.2 mi/ Approx. 4,000 > 4,400ft
Excellent Trail

SMYC Trail

2 mi/ Approx. 4,300 > 4,500ft
Excellent Trail

Rainbow Mountains Destination Adventures

Bridge Mountain

17 mi/ 4500 > 7003ft
Some Trails, Some Wilderness

Juniper Peak

8.7 mi/ 3,909 > 6,109ft
Some Trails, Some Wilderness

Middle Oak Creek Trail

1.5 mi/ 3,834 > 4,025ft
Good Trail

Mt. Wilson

12 mi/ 3,757 > 7070ft
Some Trails, Mostly Wilderness

North Peak

11 mi/ 4,574  > 7,047ft
Some Trails, Some Wilderness

Pine Creek Canyon

3 mi/ 4000 > 4,500ft
Some Trails, Some Wilderness

Rainbow Mountain

10 mi/ 4,500 > 6,801ft
Some Trails, Some Wilderness

Windy Peak

5.2 mi RT/ 5,470ft  > 6,238ft
Mostly Good Trails, Some Class 3 Climbing

Hollow Rock Peak

5 mi RT/ 5,470ft  > 5,960ft
Mostly Good Trails, Some Class 3 Climbing

Rainbow Mt. East Cliffs Rock Climbers

8 mi RT/ 4,000ft > 5,000ft
Trails & Cairns

Rock Climber Observations | Pine Creek Canyon

5 mi RT/ 4,000ft  > 6,500ft
Some Trails, Some Wilderness

Ice Box Canyon

2.2 mi RT/ 4,300 > 6,400ft
Good Approach Trail
Can Be Sketchy in the Canyon 

Oak Creek Canyon North Branch to Upper Crest Mid-Ridge

10 mi RT/ 3,384ft > 6,942ft
Heavy Brush & Boulders in Approach Canyon

Juniper Canyon

Approx. 5 mi RT/4,000 – 4,800ft
Challenging Cairn-Marked Trail

Juniper Peak
Summit Base

Approx. 6 mi RT/4,000 – 5,200ft
Challenging Cairn-Marked Trail

Fire Ecology Trail

.2 mi Easy Interpretive Trail & Picnic Area in Pine Creek Canyon

Switchback Spring Ridge

5 Miles + RT / 4600-6400ft
*Unpaved Road + Wilderness*

Additional Projected Adventures

South Peak
Global Peak (Sprouts from the Northeastern Base of Windy Peak)
Black Velvet Peak
Mountain Springs Peak (between Black Velvet Peak and Hidden Peak) Unlike the others, is on the high ridgeline.
Hidden Peak
Monument Peak Further Out East, Higher
Note: There is a low, long peak between Hidden Peak and Indecision Peak
Indecision Peak

Upper Crest Ridgeline: Juniper to Wilson

Upper Crest Ridgeline: Indecision to Hidden

Trail network from Wheeler Camp Spring near Blue Diamond town.

Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Nevada Overview
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Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Nevada Overview
The Rainbow Mountain Wilderness is composed of majestic colorful Aztec Red Rock Jurassic Era Peaks. It stretches from the Keystone Thrust above Red Rock Park to the beginning of Potosi Mountain in the Southern portion of the Spring Mountains of Nevada.
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