Email Marketing is Business Development

A fully optimized, successful email marketing program is one of your most productive business development tools. It will bring you a steady stream of new and repeat business.

What Are the 5 Goals of a Successful Email Marketing Program?

  1. List Growth: Grow your business contact list.
  2. Relationship Development: Develop a positive relationship of credibility and trust with your contact list.
  3. Education: Deliver consistently valuable information to your contact list.
  4. Sales Conversion: Convert contacts to clients.
  5. Repeat Business: Promote repeat business with existing clients.
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List Growth

List Growth Through Opt-in Magnets

Give your target market a powerful incentive to subscribe (opt in) to your email list. An “opt-in magnet” attracts viewers in your target market by offering the kind of information they consider valuable. People not in your target market may find that same information of little value…thus your opt-in magnet screens them out. People will be willing to exchange their contact information in return for the valuable information you offer.

Advertising Your Opt-in Magnet

Once you have a powerful opt-in magnet, it’s just a matter of inviting people to get your opt-in magnet. A few ways you can broadcast the invitation are through:

  • Announcements On Your Website
  • Social Media Posts
  • Face-to-Face Meetings
  • Targeted Email Blasts
  • Invitation On Your Business Card and Other Marketing Collateral
  • Paid Advertising Both On and Off the Internet
  • Webinars, Seminars, Training Events

The number of ways you can advertise your opt-in magnet is limited only by the imagination!

List Growth Through Valuable Information

Deliver valuable information both on and off the internet, thereby becoming the incredible “go-to” authority in your area of expertise. And everywhere you deliver valuable information, include an invitation to opt-in to your email marketing list. 



Relationship Development

2 components of relationship development are valuable information and invitation.


Through consistent email broadcasts to your list drip valuable information to your list members. You want list members to look forward to your eblasts and click on your subject line in their inbox because they know there will always be something of value. This consistent value grows a good relationship with your list members. 


Include an announcement of a service or product that corresponds to the value you deliver in each email.

Invitation Without Valuable Information is “Product Pushing”.

Product pushing causes your list members to opt-out (unsubscribe or ignore you).

Valuable Information Without Invitation Will Not Grow Your Business.

You need both Valuable Information and Invitation. 

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The Assumptive Close

One of the most powerful and productive educational strategies is The Assumptive Close.

In The Assumptive Close, you’re assuming your listeners have already made the decision to obtain your service or product. With this assumption, you simply educate your listeners in how to get the most out of your service or product. Give them the manual and they’ll want your product or service in order to activate the information in the manual. Educate them in all the ways they can use and master a mountain bike, all the adventures they can have with the mountain bike and they’ll naturally want the bike!

Sales Conversion

By consistently following the above email marketing strategy, you’ll remain top of mind to your list members. When they feel the need to obtain the kind of service or product you offer, they will be less likely to go searching for it in the marketplace at large. They’ll come to you.

Repeat Business

People who are already engaged with your services or products will naturally want to know how they can take their area of interest and passion to the next level. If you remain their “top of mind go-to authority”, they’ll come to you for the next level service or product instead of searching elsewhere. And, it’s proven that it takes much less effort and expense to retain a happy client than to find a new client.

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Included in Our Email Marketing Service

Complete Set-up of Your Email Marketing Platform.


  • Subscribe you to a robust email marketing platform
  • Import your contact list
  • Set up an attractive email template you can use for every eblast
  • Create a list subscription form on your website
  • Create a powerful opt-in magnet
  • Create your first eblast
  • Show you how to locate and interpret your eblast performance statistics, how to follow up on opportunities and improve performance.
  • Help you design an ongoing strategy to consistently create and deliver valuable eblasts. This includes a list of your next 25 eblast subjects so you’re not left wondering what to say next.

Email Marketing Administration

Optionally, if you’d rather not administer your own email marketing program, we can arrange to keep it running and optimized on an ongoing basis.

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Help me use the power of email marketing to grow my business!

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