Give Your Virtual Book
the Appearance of a Best Seller!

Make Your Book Stand Out!

Your virtual book cover creates these benefits:

  • Increases the tangibility of your virtual book: With a great book cover, your virtual book instantly becomes more substantial and real in the viewer’s eyes.
  • Causes your book to stand out: Viewers likely evaluate your book and many other books in the same sitting. With a great cover, your book will instantly stand out from the others.
  • Accelerates viewer understanding: Instant understanding creates a more favorable impression. Confusion creates doubt. Your virtual book cover promotes instant understanding. 
  • Increases your book’s perceived value: A stunningly professional and attractive book cover creates the expectation that the contents of your book will have similar value.
  • Lengthens viewer memory of your book offer: The incredible image of your book cover will remain in the mind of your viewer long after they leave…and likely cause them to return and buy.
  • Accelerates the viewer’s positive buying decision: Great book covers get over 6 times the attention and positive response as opposed to poor or no book covers. 
  • Paves the way for additional book formats: Publish your book with this great cover on Kindle. Use a print on demand service to create hard copies!

In addition, a great book cover guides and accelerates the creation of your book! 

I create a book cover in the beginning before creating the book itself. Viewing the cover keeps me focused and draws out my best content creation as I create the book. In fact, the cover inspires me to invest the time and effort to more rapidly create the book. Once that cover is created, it’s like making a promise to myself and my readers. I want to quickly fulfill the promise of the cover and “make it so”!

By the way, creating and posting the cover before your ebook or online course is created can support a pre-sell strategy, helping to fund the production of your ebook or online course. However, once that cover and your promise is out there, the pressure is on!

Same with Product Creation!

Are you rolling out a new product? Create a stunning cover image for your product! You’ll experience all of the above benefits.

  • Increased Perceived Value
  • Rapid Market Understanding
  • Increased Memory/Retention
  • Accelerated Buying Decision

Benefits of Hiring Me to Create Your Book or Product Cover

  • Help focusing your book or product’s key value and message: You not only getting a graphic designer, but a writer and marketing coach. I’ll help you draw out the value of your book or product.
  • Help identifying important considerations for your product creation and marketing: We’re not just creating a book or product cover. Our goal is to make your book or product successful. Isn’t that the purpose? Our eyes are always on the ultimate goal.
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What’s Included?

  • Onboarding Q & A: Tell me about your book or product. What’s its value and who is your market? Not sure? I’ll help you sharpen the focus.
  • Content Collection: I’ll help you to get me your best book or product images along with your product message.
  • Content Refinement: I’ll refine your book or product image through my multi-stage Photoshop image refinement skills, and refine and condense your message to fit the limited space of a product cover.
  • Cover Draft: You receive a cover mock-up for your review, editing suggestions and final approval. This includes up to 3 rounds of editing.
  • Final Product Cover Creation: 3D cover presented to you in various sizes and formats (.jpg, .png – no background, .psd – original editable Photoshop documents).

Future revisions? Future books or products?

By now, you’ll know the drill and we can revise your book or product cover at a reasonable cost and create future book and product covers. Believe me, these covers are so inspiring, they can become addictive!

I will also help you publish your book on Kindle and publish hard copies using a print-on-demand service. Why limit yourself to passing out a throw-away business card or brochure when you can pass a signed copy of your own book to key prospective clients? 

Help me create a stunningly beautiful book or product cover!

E-Book Covers and Product Covers
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Your professional ebook cover image or product cover image accelerates the viewer's positive buying decision. Learn how to get a professional e-cover here.
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