Sheep Range | Desert National Wildlife Refuge, Nevada | Wilderness Windows Overview

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(Mileage Below is Round Trip. Altitude and Mileage are Approximate)

Cow Camp Road to Sheep Peak Trail

28 Miles RT from DNWR HQ – 4WD Roads

DNWR Visitor Center

Just North of Las Vegas at Corn Creek Rd Exit off Hwy 95

Lower Alamo Road to Cow Camp Rd

24 Miles RT – 4WD Road

Lower Mormon Well Road

30 Miles RT – 4WD Road

Fossil Ridge End to End

Approx. 15 Miles (RT from DNWR HQ)
Some Road, Some Wilderness, Cl 3 Climb

Fossil Ridge North

12 Miles RT from DNWR HQ – 4WD Road

Fossil Ridge Far East

16 Miles RT from DNWR HQ – 4WD Road, Wilderness

Adventures in Process

All current adventure pages are complete!

Additional Projected Adventures

Sheep Peak

Hayford Peak

Explore potential Southern approaches.

Explore potential Southeastern summit approaches.

Explore Black Canyon (Western) potential summit approach

Sheep Range Grand Crossing (over Sheep Peak – Western side – and down Eastern side)

Sheep Range end to end (North to South)

Sheep Range North of Las Vegas, Nevada | Overview
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Sheep Range North of Las Vegas, Nevada | Overview
The Sheep Range is just North of Las Vegas and visible from many parts of the city. It is part of The Desert National Wildlife Refuge, the largest wildlife refuge in the lower 48 states. It' named for the Bighorn Sheep in its mountains. Follow thumbnail images on this page to view adventures in the Sheep Range.
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