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Mt. Charleston Summit

Las Vegas Area Trails is a site created especially for you if:

  1. You’re a wilderness explorer at heart and love hiking, climbing or especially trail running.
  2. You live in or near Las Vegas, Nevada or visit Las Vegas often.
  3. You feel that a drive of up to 3 hours from Las Vegas is worth it if you end up in an astonishingly beautiful wilderness area.
  4. You want to achieve your optimal health and help others to do so.

David Smith, a long time trail runner, moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2016 and fell in love with the wilderness areas around Las Vegas. In his first 3 years he mostly explored the Mt. Charleston area, Red Rock National Park and Death Valley National Park. Beginning in November of 2018, he began to systematically explore new trails and wilderness areas – some largely uncharted. He created to document his adventures while inviting others to explore these wilderness areas.

Return often to get ideas for your next wilderness adventure. A new trail adventure page will appear each week on this expanding wilderness website.

Bristlecone Pine
Mummy Mt. Summit

Projected Adventures: Spring/2022

Mt. Wilson Summit, Arizona
Sheep Peak, Sheep Range
Hayford Peak, Sheep Range
Sheep Range Grand Crossing
El Bastardo Mountain (La Madre Mt. Wilderness)
Kyle Canyon to Red Rock over La Madre Mountain
La Madre Mountain Summit (South, East, West)
Legendary La Madre Mountain Loop (East to West)
Potosi Mt. Western Cliffs Ridgeline to Summit
Damsel Peak South Approach

Projected Adventures: Summer/2022

Mummy Summit from Lee Canyon
Mummy Mountain Head from Lee Canyon
McFarland Peak
Lee Peak from Lee Canyon
Charleston Peak Summit from Cathedral Rock
Six-Peak Spring Mountains Circuit
Fletcher Peak/Cockscomb Ridge Circuit

Do You Have the Heart of An Explorer? (take this test)

1) Do you tend to explore a mountain you see, then later consult a map to find out where you were vs. consulting a map before entering the area?

2) Do you feel more at home, safe and at peace in a wilderness area miles from the nearest human than you feel in an urban setting?

3) Do you navigate by the sky, the terrain, surrounding landmarks, faint tracks and gut feelings vs. referring to maps and electronic devices?

4) Does it sometimes seem to others that you’re a bit careless and irresponsible, although you yourself feel confident in the numerous hidden safety measures and precautions you employ while navigating wilderness areas?

5) Does it sometimes take numerous trips to reach a destination or summit because you’re discovering potential routes as you go? However, by the time you reach the goal you know the entire mountain like your own living room?

6) Do you feel by the time you’ve explored an entire wilderness area that you could be landed there by helicopter, blindfolded, yet still easily find your way around and out? And that this would be great fun?

7) Do you feel that the boundary between yourself and the wilderness has dissolved, and it’s hard to say where you end and the wilderness begins?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you likely have the heart of an explorer!

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