Blue Diamond Hill, Nevada | Overview

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The “Un-Ski Slopes” of Blue Diamond Hill, Nevada

Blue Diamond Hill has these similarities with a ski area:

  • Runs of various difficulties with names like: “Bunny”, “Muffin”, “Radio Tower”, “Overlook Ridge”, “Bone Shaker”, “Bob Gnarly”.
  • Names like “First Finger”, “Second Finger”, “Cowboy Canyon” and “Skull Canyon” recall possible names that could appear on ski slopes.
  • Ski slopes have a “diamond” rating system:
    • Green Diamond: Beginner – Easy (“Bunny”, “Muffin”) hills with 6-25% incline.
    • Blue Diamond: Intermediate – 25-40% incline. “Bob Gnarly”?
    • Black Diamond: Difficult – 40% and steeper incline. “Bone Shaker”?

Where Blue Diamond Hill is Different Than a Ski Area

  • There’s no snow!
  • There are no skiers – mountain bikers instead.
  • There’s no ski lodge.

All that aside, it’s fun to think of Blue Diamond Hill as an “Un-Ski Slope”. And, if you’re a mountain biker hurtling down one of the runs you may get the feeling skiers have as they hurtle down ski slopes.

Outer Circuit

About 8 Miles Round Trip

(adventure in process)