Tired of Scrambling to Find a Traditional Business Card?

Problems with Traditional Business Cards

  • Traditional business cards are not there when we need them. Have you ever forgotten to bring your business cards to an event or appointment?
  • Traditional business cards continually become outdated: Your address changes, email, phone, tagline…and now all your paper business cards are instantly obsolete!
  • People toss traditional business cards! How many of the business cards you handed out end up in a shoebox or in the trash?
  • You have to be physically present to share a traditional business card. 
  • Traditional business card content is limited: It’s always a challenge to condense your key information into such a short space.
  • The content of your traditional business card is static.
  • Your contact information is easily lost: With traditional business cards people need to manually enter the content into their contact database.
Avoid Frustration! Use Digital Business Cards | Las Vegas Area Trails | David Smith | Las Vegas, Nevada

Try the New Digital Business Card Alternative!

  • Digital business cards are always available when you need them: They live on your mobile phone!
  •  Digital business cards NEVER become outdated: It’s easy to update the content of your digital business card as your business grows and evolves.
  • People retain your digital business card: You easily transfer it to their phone. It’s more likely to stay there, easy to recall and view.
  • You can share your digital business card anywhere there is an internet connection: By email, text, on your website, social media…anywhere!
  • The content space on your digital business card is more generous: It’s limited only by what you think the recipient will take time to view.
  • The content of your digital business card is dynamic: Links on your card instantly create a phone call or email to you or link to your products and services.
  • Your contact information is easily transferred to the recipient’s database.
Digital Business Cards | Las Vegas Area Trails | David Smith | Las Vegas, Nevada

Not All Digital Business Cards are the Same!

  • Digital business cards can be expensive: Yes, you can get your digital business card quickly produced at a low cost…but it’s often a recurring monthly cost that can add up over time to hundreds of dollars annually. Do you really want another recurring monthly bill?
  • Digital business cards often lead people away from your website: They reside on the producer’s web server. That’s okay if you’re fine supporting the SEO of the digital business card producer rather than your own SEO. 
  • You’re left to your own devices to create your digital business card: But what if you’re not sure what to say? How to say it? How to design your digital business card. It takes more than an internet form to create a quality digital business card. How many internet tools have you purchased with the promise, “It only takes 5 minutes to do this.”? But it’s not that easy and you gave up?
Digital Business Cards Can Be Expensive | Las Vegas Area Trails | David Smith | Las Vegas, Nevada

Our Digital Business Cards Are More Valuable to You!

  • They’re less expensive: There is a one-time, up front fee vs. a recurring, hidden expense.
  • They can reside on YOUR website, supporting your SEO.
  • They contain all the valuable benefits you expect from a digital business card.
  • You get the customized help and support of a seasoned copywriter and designer to create your digital business card. Your digital business card will become a reality…fast! 

What Content is Available?

  • Attractive images
  • Contact info and links
  • Service & product links
  • Social media buttons
  • Slide shows
  • Videos
  • Much more!

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Digital Business Cards are a modern alternative or addition to the traditional paper business card. They're less expensive, less wasteful, easier to share locally or at a distance and they can be continually updated as your business grows and evolves.
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