Trail Running and Hiking Injuries and Solutions

Injuries | Trail Running and Hiking Tips to Help You Prepare, Be Safe and Enjoy Your Wilderness Adventure! Knee Brace for Knee Injuries Plantar Fasciitis Plantar Fasciitis Part 2 Plantar Fasciitis Therapy Techniques from Glenn Hall, Bodywork Expert of

Hiking Gear for Hikers and Trail Runners

View my simple minimalistic “gear” strategy for mountain adventures. What are some of the “gear” the essentials I’ve found are needed during a mountain adventure through my years of experience.

Environmental Consciousness Around Las Vegas, Nevada

Environmental Consciousness | Pick up a few pieces of trash during your morning walk. Create a quiet, steady environmental impact.

Imagine the impact if many people in the Las Vegas Area picked up a few pieces of trash during their morning walk and threw them into the recycling container at home! Here’s how I relieved an abandoned 27-hole golf course of over a ton of trash over time.

Desert Hydration | Hikers | Trail Runners

How much water do your need to carry? Too much is exhausting, not enough is dangerous. The hot dry air flowing into your lungs mimics the drying effect of clothes in a dryer, sapping your bodies water. Water supplies every cell and organ in your body with what it needs for survival and health. As you dehydrate, organs begin to be affected and eventually, in an extreme condition, shut down. Calculate your hydration needs based on temperature, altitude, incline and distance. Click image or title above for more…

Attaining Your Ideal Weight | Be Leaner, More Active

This is a simple, practical strategy you can immediately apply to move you toward your ideal weight. No complex diet systems, calorie counting, nutritional programs…just a simple tweak in the order and time of your daily meals. Try it out and see how simple and powerful it is! Click image or title above for more…