Systematic Digital Integration Transforms a Book into a Multimedia Presentation

Move beyond a mere book to a multimedia presentation! 

3 Components of Systematic Digital Integration for Books:

  1. Information-Rich Website: The hub of digital integration is an information-rich website that takes a major theme and breaks it down into valuable sub-topics. View an example in Surf through the menu noting how top-level major topics are sub-divided into information-rich secondary topics. There are over 300 valuable articles on the site and continually growing in number weekly over the course of years. Ask yourself, “What are my major topic and subtopics?
  2. Integration with Major Online Platforms: Notice how each article integrates with at least 2 of the largest online platforms on the internet: Google Maps, and YouTube. The major social media are to be systematically added. The content on each platform is organized to integrate with the organization of the website.
  3. Digital Book: This is where everything comes together. The theme of the book is based on one sub-topic from the website. The book is filled with links that point readers back to the website where the content of each topic comes alive bringing an interactive element to images and maps on the pages of the book.
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Beyond “Visit my website.

Move Beyond “Visit my website.” to “Learn more about the topic you’re actively researching at this moment.”

Beyond “Visit My Website”: How many times have you heard businesses saying, “Visit my website.” “Download my app.” It’s unlikely that you’ve ever visited or downloaded anything based on that weak invitation.

The Power of “Learn more…”: On the other hand, how many times when you’re eagerly studying a topic of interest on the internet and see a link: “Learn more…”, do you actually follow the link? Likely most of the time!

With your systematic digitally integrated book, you’ll find more readers actually end up visiting your website, consuming more information and following more links to your products and services.

Engine for Business Growth

Here’s how your book’s systematic digital integration becomes an engine for business growth:

More Website Visitors >

Greater Search Engine Visibility >

More Subscribers >

More Sales!

View the book: Valley of Fire Nevada, from the 7-Day Guide-Book Series to see systematic digital integration in action!

If you’re interested in the topic or, in this case, interested in seeing Systematic Digital Integration in action, it’s extremely likely that you’ll end up visiting the parent website.

The book is free, but you will need to subscribe to the Las Vegas Area Trails newsletter to view it…and this list-building feature is part of the magic!

It’s nearly impossible to participate in the book without ending up at the website.

Imagine the results as you release the power of this type of business growth engine for your own business!

What’s Included with Systematic Digital Integration?

  1. Website and Business Analysis for Your Ideal Content Growth Plan: We’ll interview you, study your business and website, learn about your target market, then create a roadmap for information content growth. This may involve maximizing and organizing the content already in your possession and on your website. It will all come together more rapidly and easily than you imagine!
  2. Identification and Activation of Key Major Internet Platforms for Information Integration: We’ll identify the key major internet platforms that will extend your valuable information content while adding dynamic interactivity.
  3. Digital Book Theme Selection: We’ll suggest some top digital book themes based on your information content and give you a roadmap for producing your highest priority book!
  4. Production Guidance and Help: Plans are not so effective. What’s effective are plans that are put to operation and pursued all the way to completion.

If you like, we’ll even help you produce your high priority digitally integrated book!

Benefits of Your Systematic Digital Integration Roadmap

  • A Clear Track to Run On >

  • Greater Audience Engagement > 

  • Accelerated Business Growth! 

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Help Me Accelerate Business Growth
Through Systematic Digital Integration!

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The hub of digital integration is an information-rich website with content on major internet platforms. We produce your book as a multi-media presentation referencing content on your website and major internet platforms.
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