Monetize Your Knowledge, Grow Credibility

Your greatest asset is your knowledge and experience.

Benefits of Authoring Your Own Book:

  • Showcases your value
  • Grows your credibility in the marketplace
  • Attracts clients
  • Attracts valuable business collaborators

Uses of Your Book:

  • Grow Your Contact List: Offer the book on your website free for all those who subscribe to your newsletter. This is called an “Opt-In Magnet“.
  • Virtual Meeting Background: Grow you credibility during meetings, webinar presentations and news interviews by subtly placing your book as a background image.  
  • Far Better Than a Business Brochure: There’s nothing like handing a prospective client a signed copy of your book!
  • Training Tool: Use your book to accelerate new client and employee onboarding.
  • Content for an Online Learning Program: You book will have all the content needed and ready to convert for placement in you online training program.
  • Generate New Streams of Income: All of the above work together to generate new streams of income for your business…much of it passive income!

Book Writing, Production and Marketing Services:

  • Writing: We’ll identify, draw out, organize and present your valuable knowledge and experience
  • Design: Attractive 3D Virtual Covers, images, even embedded videos. Your book can be a multi-media production!
  • Production: Your book can be produced in digital form, as an Amazon Kindle book, hard copy via print on demand…even as a website!
  • Marketing: Our unique marketing approach grows your audience while your book is being produced!

Example: Check out this example of a digital book we created as multi-media presentation! Click the image above or this link to download, view and keep!

Multi-Media Interactivity: There are abundant links to videos, slideshows, web pages and interactive maps.

Create a Book of Real Value: Imagine having a book like this featuring your knowledge and value as a business.

Opt-in Magnet: We’re using this book as an opt-in magnet to grow our list, so observe the steps of the newsletter subscription process you take as you acquire the book.

I'm Ready to Become an Author! Help Me Create My Next Book!

Book Writing, Production, Marketing
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Book Writing, Production, Marketing
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Become an Author, Monetize Your Knowledge, Grow Credibility: Professional design, copywriting, production and marketing services.
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