Mud Springs Loop

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Mud Springs Loop Overview

Adventure to occur 6/4/2022

Mud Springs Loop Trailhead Directions

Take Hwy 95 North from Las Vegas and take a left at the Lee Canyon Road  exit (Hwy 156). Travel up Lee Canyon Road about 13 miles. Take a right onto the Sawmill Trailhead Access Road and proceed to the trailhead. Stay left to reach the upper trailhead parking area.

Mud Springs Loop Trail Observations

You’ll begin on the Sawmill Trail Loop. To take the loop counterclockwise, take the second left in a little over 1/4 miles. This is the route I will take in the 6/4/2022 adventure.

Note: Earlier I took the first turn to the left onto the Mud Springs Loop Trail to take the loop in a clockwise direction. Failing to locate the loop later in, I continued North to the base of McFarland Peak, then retraced my steps to the trailhead. I realized I was off course when I noticed the altitude was above 9,000ft on this loop which should rise no higher than around 7,500ft! This demonstrates how difficult navigation can be on the loop with unmarked split-off trails at numerous points. Yes, GPS is recommended, but my practice is to navigate by familiarity with the land, which may require multiple attempts but results in a deep understanding of the wilderness. Besides, I want to feel the wilderness rather than be focused on electronic instruments. I only recommend this approach to those who have a lot of experience navigating the wilderness in this manner.