Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada | Wilderness Windows Overview

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(Mileage Below is Round Trip. Altitude and Mileage are Approximate)

Northshore Road Tour

62 Miles
** Excellent Paved Road**

Arizona Hot Spring
Liberty Bell Arch

8-10mi | 1,536 > 661ft
**Mostly Good Trail**

Black Mesa

4mi | 1,538 > 2,198ft
** Wilderness, No Trail**

Northern Bowl of Fire

8mi | 1,887 > 2,568ft
** Some Trail, Mostly Wilderness**

Southern Bowl of Fire

5-6mi | 1,965 > 1,905ft
** Some Trail, Some Wilderness**

Callville Summit Trail

2-3mi | 1,229 > 1,500ft
** Rabbit Trails – Take Your Pick**

Fortification Hill

4mi | 2,313 > 3,717ft
**Mostly Trail – Sometimes Faint**

Frenchman Mountain

5mi | 2,184 > 3,972ft
** Excellent Trail/Service Road**

Hamblin Mountain

7mi | 1,965 > 3,291ft
**Some Trail, Some Wilderness**

Mt. Wilson

16mi | 1,536 > 5,446ft
**Some Road, Mostly Wilderness

Horse Thief Canyon Loop

16mi | 1,536 > 5,446ft
** Some Road, Mostly Wilderness**

Kingman Wash Access Road

7 Miles | 1,197 > 1,465
** Good Unpaved Road**

Lava Butte

7mi | 1,835 > 2,871ft
** Service Road / Lava Ridge**

Historic Railroad Trail

5 mi RT | 200ft Elevation Gain/loss
**Wide, Graded Railroad Bed**

Sunrise Mountain

4 mi RT | 7-800ft Elevation Gain/Loss
**Unmarked Trailhead, Use Trail at First, Some Wilderness Navigation**

Adventures in Process

Additional Projected Adventures

Jimbilnan Wilderness
Red Rocks Beyond Bowl of Fire
Wetlands Trail

Ridge above North and South Arizona Hot Springs approach.

Colorado River canyon area.

Eastern side of Lake Mead

Waterway by Kayak

Circuit trail from park HQ

Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada, Overview
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Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada, Overview
Click on adventure thumbnail images to view details, images and videos on individual wilderness adventures in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Here you will discover Jurassic era Aztec Red Rock formations, spectacular views, easy to challenging hikes, runs and climbs and much more in this vast wilderness area.
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