Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Overview, Nevada

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Red Rock Canyon General Information

General Info,
Scenic Drive

About 13 Miles Round Trip

Adventures Overview Red Rock Canyon NCA

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Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Grand Circle Loop

Great Overview of Red Rock Canyon & Surrounding Wilderness
11.3 Miles, Excellent Trail

Eastern Red Rock Canyon

Calico Tanks

5 mi. RT / Approx. 500ft Elevation Gain **Excellent Trail**

Grand Circle

5mi Loop Circles Calico Hills
*Fairly Good Trail, Sketchy in Places – Some Steep Rocky Stretches*

Turtlehead Peak Alternate Route

5 mi. RT | Approx. 2000ft Elevation Gain **Some Trail, Some Wilderness**

Turtlehead Peak

4.94 mi / 4,306 > 6.285 ft | Approx. 5mi RT

La Madre Mountain South Approach

22 mi / 4306-8000ft
*Wilderness, No Trail*

Northern Red Rock Canyon

White Rock Mountain Loop

5 mi. / Approx. 300ft Elevation Gain **Good Trail**

La Madre Springs

4 mi. RT / Approx. 500ft Elevation Gain **Excellent Trail**

Miner’s Cabin

5 mi. RT | Appro. 800ft Elevation Gain **Excellent Trail at First, Sketchy Near End**

La Madre Mountain West Approach

28 mi / 4306-8000ft
*Wilderness, No Trail*

Kyle Canyon Grand Crossing | Southern Half

15mi RT / **Some Trails, Mostly Wilderness Including Cliffs**

Kyle Canyon Grand Crossing | Northern Half

20 Miles + RT / 4500-7900ft
*Some Road, Mostly Wilderness*

Keystone Thrust Trail

4mi RT / Approx. 500ft Elevation Gain **Good Trail**

Keystone Thrust Summit from Willow Spring

15 Miles + RT / 4500-7500ft
*Trails + Wilderness*

Western Red Rock Canyon

North Peak

11 mi/ 4,574  > 7,047ft
Some Trails, Some Wilderness

Bridge Mountain

17 mi/ 4500 > 7003ft
Some Trails, Some Wilderness

Rock Climber Observations | Pine Creek Canyon

5 mi RT/ 4,000ft  > 6,500ft
Some Trails, Some Wilderness

Pine Creek Canyon Southern Branch

3 mi/ 4000 > 4,500ft
Some Trails, Some Wilderness

Juniper Peak

8.7 mi/ 3,909 > 6,109ft
Some Trails, Some Wilderness

Rainbow Mt. East Cliffs Rock Climbers

8 mi RT/ 4,000ft > 5,000ft
Trails & Cairns

Rainbow Mountain

10 mi/ 4,500 > 6,801ft
Some Trails, Some Wilderness

Middle Oak Creek Trail

1.5 mi/ 3,834 > 4,025ft
Good Trail

Mt. Wilson

12 mi/ 3,757 > 7070ft
Some Trails, Mostly Wilderness

Lovell Canyon to Rainbow Mts. Mid Upper Crest Ridgeline

Approx. 8 mi RT/ 5,085ft > 6,800ft
Unpaved Roads, Trails, Wilderness 

Additional Projected Adventures

Ice Box Canyon

Middle Oak Creek Trail South Branch to Rainbow Mountains Upper Crest Ridgeline

Turtlehead Peak Base and Sandstone Quarry to Calico Basin

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Overview
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Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Overview
The 10,000 acre Red Rock Canyon is the signature wilderness area just outside Metro Las Vegas. Hike and climb on magnificent Jurassic era frozen sand dunes and calico hills -- some reaching heights of 7,000 feet.
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