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What Journalistic Legacy Will You Leave Behind?

From Aristotle to Lincoln, history has been marked and countless lives enriched by the journalistic legacies the few have left behind.

What is a Journalistic Legacy?

A journalistic legacy is significant timeless wisdom informed by knowledge, skill and life experience. This body of content is of value for all future generations.

What Form Does a Journalistic Legacy Take?

Most journalistic legacies up to recent years have taken the form of writings collected in books. However, for the first time in history, journalistic legacies can now take the form of multimedia presentations on the web. We call this A Journalistic Legacy Website.

Journalistic Legacy Websites | Las Vegas Area Trails | Las Vegas, Nevada

Who Can Leave Behind a Journalistic Legacy?

For most of history, only the few have been able to leave behind a journalistic legacy. Creating a journalistic legacy required public recognition, wealth, influence, political power or adherents who later collected and preserved the person’s wisdom and knowledge.

The high bar to publishing a journalistic legacy left many potentially valuable journalistic legacies untold.

What are the Marks of a Journalistic Legacy Website?

  • Timeless Value
  • Purposeful
  • Passionate
  • Unique
  • Beneficial to Future Generations
  • Focused, Clear, Systematic
Journalistic Legacy Website Qualifications Checklist | Journalistic Legacy Websites | Las Vegas Area Trails

What is an Example Journalistic Legacy Website? – This website documents a slice of the incredible natural Southwestern U.S. environment within 150 miles of Las Vegas in the early 21st century. The documentation takes the form of videos, photos and detailed description placed on the web.

Carefully note how information is focused, organized, presented and preserved on

What Are Some Other Journalistic Legacy Website Themes?

Here are a few subject areas and the content creators who may be good journalistic legacy website candidates:

  • Medical – Physician
  • Scientific – Researcher
  • Political Science – Politician, Educator
  • Business – CEO, Coach, Consultant
  • Philosophy – Philosopher
  • Theology – Theologian

The world of potential journalistic legacy website themes is only limited by the imagination! If you have unique, focused knowledge, skill, experience and are passionate, you already know the theme of the journalistic legacy website within you.

How Do You Know if You May Have a Journalistic Legacy Website Within You, Yearning for Creation?

  • Burning, Life-Consuming Passion: You would invest your life in your interest area regardless of, and often at the expense of wealth, position or power.
  • Focused Passion: You’re not all about the knowledge of everything, but focused on one particular area of interest.
  • Unique and Valuable Contribution: Your passion and interest have elevated the body of wisdom in your profession or area of interest to a new level. You’ve moved beyond simply reorganizing existing knowledge and are now on new ground.
  • Timeless Body of Wisdom: Your contribution is not a time-bound fad, but wisdom and knowledge that will remain of value for all time.
  • You’ve Already Likely Started Creating Your Journalistic Legacy: You’ve been developing your knowledge area, growing in wisdom and experience and have likely already been documenting this in some form. It just needs to be organized and presented in a way that is clear and beneficial to your intended audience.
Qualification: Life-Consuming Passion | Journalistic Legacy Websites | Las Vegas Area Trails

What Major Risk Do You Face?

Your journalistic legacy may never be heard! All that you have learned and experienced, fueled by your burning passion may be lost when you leave the earth.

So, let’s end with the question we posed in the beginning:

Missed Opportunity to Create Your Journalistic Legacy | Journalistic Legacy Websites | Las Vegas Area Trails

What Journalistic Legacy Will You Leave Behind?

It’s possible! But you need to start taking action now in order to avoid the regret of a missed opportunity.

I began my journalistic legacy website, in 2018 and have been developing it consistently, gradually, systematically on nearly a daily basis since. 

Your Journalistic Legacy Website is Your Life Project!

Explore the skills you will need in order to create your Journalistic Legacy Website.

What is a Journalistic Legacy Website?
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What is a Journalistic Legacy Website?
What journalistic legacy will you create? Learn how you can create a journalistic legacy on the web that will preserve your unique knowledge, wisdom, skill and experience, providing value to generations both now and beyond your lifetime.
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