Environmental Consciousness Around Las Vegas, Nevada | Tips to Help You Prepare, Be Safe and Enjoy Your Wilderness Adventure!

Environmental Consciousness: Consistent Environmental Cleanup by Small Increments

See how extending your daily run or walk by just about 10 minutes a day to pick up trash along the way can make a huge difference over time in transforming the environment. In just 2 and a half years I cleared over 2000 pounds of trash off of a 6-mile 50-yard-wide swath of an abandoned 27 hole golf course. This amounted to the contents of a cube 50 X 50 X 50 yards of trash over that period of time.

Environmental Consciousness and Action Can Help the Environment Reclaim Huge Areas

I’m watching this desert area slowly transform to its natural environmental state. Various animal species are returning – it’s been abandoned for about 7 years now. And it’s taken no more than an additional 10 minutes each day added to my daily run.

Environmental Consciousness Has Great Rewards

You simply can’t out-give the environment. The environment will always give back more than you contributed. Running or walking off road has tremendous physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits which I describe in the video.

Environmental Consciousness and Action Multiplied by Many Creates Global Transformation

While you may not be able to mount a huge global environmental preservation project, everyone can find an area close to home and quietly transform that piece of the environment, while at the same time transforming yourself. Imagine the results if just one person in every square 1/4th mile of any city in the United States took just 10 minutes each day to clean up an area of the environment close to home. Our cities would literally sparkle!

Environmental Consciousness of a Few Can Create Global Transformation

Given the population density of a city like Los Angeles (7,544 people per square mile) it would only take 4 people out of each 7,544 people 10 minutes each day to make that entire major population center sparkle. This means that about 1/20th of one percent of the people living in a city could transform the entire city!

Environmental Consciousness and Las Vegas

“Environmental consciousness” and “Las Vegas” are two terms that don’t commonly go together. Las Vegas is one of the most rapidly growing cities in the United States and a world center for tourism. As vast tracts of formerly pristine desert land are taken over for residential and business construction, we’re at a turning point. How will we preserve the environment, and will natural areas remain for coming generations?

Environmental Consciousness Around Las Vegas, Nevada
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Environmental Consciousness Around Las Vegas, Nevada
Imagine the impact if many people in the Las Vegas Area picked up a few pieces of trash during their morning walk and threw them into the recycling container at home! Here's how I relieved an abandoned 27-hole golf course of over a ton of trash over time.
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