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Integrate the Wonders of Your Destination with the Google Maps Platform! 

Imagine how a destination website map system would engage viewers and leave your competition in the dust!

What is a Destination Website Map System?

It’s a system of maps on your website that:

  • Maps out destinations your customers will find enjoyable and useful
  • Includes click-through descriptions of the destination in your own words
  • Includes images…even slide shows and videos
  • Links to other pages on your website.
  • Draws out a detailed map with directions to your destinations from anywhere on the planet you viewer may live

Go ahead and play with any map on this page!

  • Expand the map to full screen.
  • Click on the thumbnails.
  • Transform the view to Street View, Satellite View, Terrain View, Google Earth…many additional views.
  • Read the descriptions. Click on the links.
  • Map out directions to the destination from anywhere on earth!
  • Do the same with any map on the 400 adventure pages of this website.

Maps Done Right!

Yes, you can create your own DIY map system with Google My Maps, the same took I use. However, here’s why you may want to use my service:

  • Your map system will be organized to systematically display destinations important to your viewers.
  • Keyword optimized descriptions will be written by an expert, and integrated with other content on your website.
  • Viewers will be inspired to click around your site to view other maps and content.
  • The length of time viewers spend on your website will increase your website SEO.
  • You won’t have to struggle to onboard yourself with the map-creating technology.
  • As we integrate the map system with your website, additional website improvements will increase the power of your site.
  • This is a service that can generate a significant ROI for you.

What Types of Businesses Benefit?

  • Tourist Destinations
  • Hotels, Casinos
  • Tourism Industry
  • Realtors
  • City Planners

Create a Map System for Your Travel, Destination Website

Map System for Travel, Destination Websites
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Map System for Travel, Destination Websites
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Add dynamic maps to your travel destination website. These maps are integrated with the Google Maps platform and show directions to your sights and wonders from anywhere on earth!
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