How to Capture a Blog Article and Make it Unique on Your Website, David Smith,

Video Tutorial on How to Capture a Blog Article and Make it Unique on Your Website

Create an Instant Health Education Library on Your Website

This tutorial video is for “Achieving Your Optimal Health” or “” team members who want to create an instant library of valuable health articles for their website. The strategy is to take the webinar replay pages in the Achieving Your Optimal Health series and place them on your website.

Avoid Google’s Duplicate Content Penalty by Making Each Article Unique and Valuable

However, note that if your standing on Google is important to you, you cannot cut and paste or Google will slap you with a duplicate content penalty. If on the other hand, you want to have this valuable content on your website and rise in the Google rankings, you will need to paraphrase each article you capture from this website for your website. The systematic strategy presented here involves some extra work, but realize that these articles took the Presenter and David Smith 1-2 working days to create. On the other hand, it will take you only about 1-2 hours to make this content unique on your own website.

Steps to Capturing An Article and Making It Unique on Your Website

Note that you can follow these same steps to capture any article from the internet and make it unique for your website. You can always reference any YouTube videos and copy PowerPoint slide images without having to change or paraphrase. It’s the text of the article that needs to be rewritten. Each of the following steps are completely explained in the video above.

First, Quickly Capture All Blog Articles for An Instant Health Education Library on Your Website

See the video on this page for detailed instructions.

  1. Copy the Title and Theme Statement for the article onto a new blog post on your website (one blog post per article).
  2. Reference the YouTube video link.
  3. Create a View This Entire Article link and link it to the article on the website.
  4. Congratulations! You now have a complete instant Health Education Library on your website.

Second, Go Back and Rewrite Each Article Uniquely for Your Website

This will take much longer, but having the above library already on your website will make the process easier and allow you to take the time necessary to make the library completely yours. Again, detailed instructions are on the video on this page so listen to it carefully before proceeding. I’ve created an abbreviated cheat sheet strategy here. Note that this strategy assumes you already have captured a summary of the article as noted above:

  1. Locate and carefully read the article you want to capture, listening to the webinar replay video.
  2. Create your own unique article theme and title by placing your own unique spin on the theme (see video).
  3. Do a keyword search on your title, then refine the title to maximize the keyword reach. Go to, create a free account, log in and use the Keyword Explorer tool there.
  4. Refine your title based on your keyword research.
  5. Reorganize the article outline to fit your spin on the theme.
  6. Begin to fill in your outline with your own content.
  7. Listen to and paraphrase each part of the article you will be capturing, making it totally unique.
  8. Capture the PowerPoint Slides as they are. There is no duplicate content penalty for this.
  9. We’ll assume you have referenced the original webinar replay video and placed it immediately following the article introduction.
  10. Finally, when finished, remember to give the original presenter credit for the original article and place a link to their website.
  11. Also, place a link to the Health Education section of the website and give credit for creating and organizing this entire program.
  12. Note that Google likes external links, so placing these credit links on the blog article will actually raise your blog article in Google’s rankings.
  13. Send an eblast out to your list with a brief teaser and link to your new blog article.
  14. Finally, social media blast portions of the article (one article could make as many as 10-20 social media posts). Link each post to your new blog article.

Congratulations! This is what I call Unified Thematic Content Marketing at its best! This is the very best marketing you can do on the internet to raise the visibility of your website using best practices techniques. Would you like to have all of the above done for you? David Smith will follow all of these best practices to create your own unique and powerful health education library at a reasonable price. Call (503) 816-9665 to arrange.

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