01 Sheep Range North of Las Vegas, Nevada | Overview

Sheep Range North of Las Vegas, Nevada | Overview

The Sheep Range is located in the Desert National Wildlife Refuge just North of Las Vegas, Nevada. The refuge was named for its purpose to protect the bighorn sheep population and is the largest wildlife refuge in the lower 48 States. The motor vehicle entrance to the Sheep Range is off Nevada Hwy 95 at Corn Creek Road. There is a beautiful interpretive center with a desert interpretive walkway and ample parking for about 30 vehicles. There is a 4WD road system entirely circling the Sheep Range with additional roads branching off to trailheads and camping areas. Just South of the Sheep Range sits Fossil Ridge, an ancient rocky ridgeline with Nautilus fossils aging near 450 million years old dating back to the era when there was just one continent on Earth, Pangea. Follow thumbnail images to view the details you will need to plan your adventures here. Click image or title above for more…

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