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Red Cap Peak Summit | Red Rock Canyon NCA, Nevada

Red Cap Summit | Calico Basin to La Madre Mountains Wilderness, Nevada

Red Cap Peak, also referred to as “Little Turtlehead”, is a Jurassic Era Sandstone Summit in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada. This adventure begins at the Kraft Mountain Trailhead in the Calico Basin and navigates through Ash Canyon before summiting the peak. The best time of year for this adventure is Spring and Fall. Click the title or image above for more details.

Ash Canyon to Calico Tanks | Calico Basin, Nevada

Ash Canyon to Calico Tanks | Calico Basin and Red Rock Canyon, Nevada | David Smith | Las Vegas Area Trails

Beginning at the Kraft Mountain Trailhead in Calico Basin, ascend to the summit of Ash Canyon on the Ash Canyon Trail. Descending from Ash Canyon Summit connect with the Rattlesnake Trail and continue to the Calico Tanks Trail. After visiting Calico Tanks return to the Rattlesnake Trail. Ascend to the summit of that trail then descend into Gateway Canyon in the Calico Basin. Ascend Hell Hill Trail on Kraft Mountain to Pink Goblin Pass and finally descend to your starting point at the Kraft Mountain Trailhead. Experience spectacular views of 4 major wilderness areas and much more. Route Details: Approximately 10 miles RT on some fairly good trails and some unmarked sketchy trails. Best time for this adventure: Mid Fall through Mid Spring.

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