Bonanza Peak from Bristlecone Pine Trail | Lee Canyon | Spring Mountains, Nevada

Bonanza Peak | Mt Charleston Wilderness | Spring Mountains, Nevada

I’ve never been on a more beautiful trail than the Bonanza Trail. The majestic Bristlecone Pines, artistic rock formations and spectacular views along with the solitude make this trail totally unique. Bonanza Peak elevation is 10,397ft. Though it is just 2000ft above the elevation of the Lower Bristlecone Pine Trailhead where this adventure begins there is an additional 1,700ft descent and re-ascent just before the summit, and before that, the Bonanza trail descends and re-ascends 300ft 2-3 times. So, the total ascent for this adventure is close to 4,500ft and the distance is at least 26 miles. Route details: 26 mi RT/ Approx. 8,483 > 10,397ft; **Excellent Trails** Click image or title above for more…

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