Cockscomb Peak and Ridge, Spring Mountains, Nevada

Cockscomb Peak and Ridge | Mt Charleston Wilderness | Spring Mountains, Nevada

Cockscomb Peak and Ridge is little over a 4-mile round trip with a nearly 3,000ft elevation gain. Stretching from Hwy 157 Northward up to its highest elevation of 9692 ft, it creates a beautiful and rugged feature that can be viewed in a unique way from every high point in the canyon. As of the writing of this article there were no trails to Cockscomb Peak and Ridge which makes the approach, especially from Hwy 157, a great opportunity to practice some light wilderness navigation skills. The final mile up to the summit from the Hwy 157 approach affords spectacular views of Mummy Mountain, Fletcher Peak, Harris Mountain and the Griffith/Harris Circuit, Griffith Peak and the lower South ridge of Kyle Canyon. It’s like being on a mountaintop for that entire stretch! Route details: 5 mi / Approx. 7,785 > 9,307ft; **Mostly Excellent Trail via Trail Canyon Trail; Wilderness, no Trail from Hwy Kyle Canyon Rd** Click image or title above for more…

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