Grand Staircase | Calico Basin | Red Rock National Conservation Area, Nevada

Grand Staircase | Calico Basin, Nevada

The Calico Hills form a boarder between lower Red Rock Canyon and lower Calico Basin in Nevada. These ancient sand dunes have been frozen into an artistic display of fantastic shapes, colors and designs. The most popular route up the Calico Hills is called The Grand Staircase. As you stand in the parking area in the Red Springs Desert Oasis in the Calico Basin and look closely at the Calico Hills towering above you’ll see a natural diagonal route that begins in the mid section and angles up to the right and to the summit of the hills. This is the Grand Staircase. Route Details: Approx. (2 mi. RT); **Wilderness, Sketchy Path, Class 3 Rock Climbing** Click image or title above for more…

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