Mt Wilson to Juniper Peak | Rainbow Mountains, Nevada

Traverse the Rainbow Mountains Upper Crest Ridgeline in Nevada from Mt Wilson to Juniper Peak. Beginning on Lovell Canyon Road, ascend to the Upper Crest Ridgeline above Mt. Wilson, head North to the ridgeline above Juniper Peak, then descend again into Lovell Canyon. Click the image or title above for more detail.

Juniper Peak Summit Base Exploration | Red Rock Canyon NCA, Nevada

Juniper Peak Summit Base Exploration | Red Rock Canyon and Rainbow Mountains, Nevada

Juniper Peak summit base exploration, Nevada: From the Arnight Trail, through Juniper Canyon and up along the base of Brownstone Wall. Locate the Juniper Canyon entrance route; navigate the brush, boulders and ledges in Juniper Canyon, ascend above Juniper Canyon and explore various Juniper Peak summit routes along the base of Brownstone Wall.

Juniper Peak | Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Nevada

Juniper Peak Summit | Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Nevada | David Smith,

If you’re looking to climb your first peak in the Rainbow Mountains, Juniper Peak is a good start. Many of the surrounding peaks dwarf it in comparison: Mt. Wilson; Rainbow Mountain; Bridge Mountain. Experience all the beauty and challenge of a Jurassic Era Aztec red rock peak in the Rainbow Mountains of Nevada. When you are facing Juniper Peak there appear to be 3 routes from the Red Rock Park side: Two narrow chutes to the left and what looks like a more gradual approach to the right. I ended up selecting the middle of these routes – the right chute of the two chutes to the left. Hindsight says that the easier, and likely the more traditional route is the more gradual climb up the slope on the right (just before Pine Creek Canyon). Route Description: 8.7 mi/ 3,909 > 6,109ft; **Some Trails, Some Wilderness** Click image or title above for more…

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