Knoll Trail | Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Knoll Trail | Red Rock Canyon, Nevada | David Smith |

The 1.9-mile Knoll Trail in Red Rock Canyon NCA, Nevada, skirts the Eastern base of the Rainbow Mountains between Oak Creek and Pine Creek Canyons. It is part of the Rainbow Mountains Eastern Baseline Trails that include, from North to South: The SMYC Trail, Dales Trail, The Knoll Trail and The Arnight Trail. These four trails skirt the Eastern base of The Rainbow Mountains in Red Rock Canyon between Willow Spring at the North end of The Rainbow Mountains and Oak Creek Canyon at the Southern end of Red Rock Canyon. The best time of year to hike these trails is mid-Fall to mid-Spring. Summer temperatures can easily rise above 110 degrees! Click the image or title above to learn more about The Knoll Trail.

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