Griffith Shadow Loop | Lovell Canyon, Nevada

| Griffith Shadow Loop | Lovell Canyon, Nevada

Griffith Shadow Loop takes you up the West side of Lovell Canyon for spectacular views up and down the canyon with Griffith Peak clearly visible ahead at the summit of Sexton Ridge. You’ll then descend into the base of Lovell Canyon, cross the central wash and experience the East side of the canyon. This trail is one of the best overall experiences of Lovell Canyon without serious climbing on the upper slopes. Use the Griffith Shadow Loop to get your bearings in Lovell Canyon for future wilderness exploration in the canyon’s upper reaches! Avoid mid-Summer due to high temperatures. Winter may bring snow on the trail. Click the title or image above for details.

Lovell Canyon Trail & Loop | Lovell Canyon, Nevada

Lovell Canyon Loop Trail | Lovell Canyon Nevada

Lovell Canyon trail quickly ascends and then follows a ridge on the Western side of Lovell Canyon with many grand views up the canyon to Griffith Peak and Harris Mountain. The canyon is beautiful, fairly untouched and features spectacular views of Griffith Peak, Harris Mountain and their long descent ridges on either side of Lovell Canyon. Lovell Canyon Trail branches into Lovell Canyon Loop which makes a large circuit around Handy Peak. Lovell Canyon Loop descends into Lovell Canyon’s main wash. In addition it provides access to Schaefer Springs Loop and Griffith Shadow Loop. Route details: About 5.5 Miles RT; **Excellent Trail** Click image or title above for more detail…

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